Overlord 4 Episode 5 Release Date and Time for Crunchyroll

The Overlord 4 episode 5 release date and time have been confirmed for the US, UK, and the rest of the world, for the English subbed and Japanese dub version on Crunchyroll. Here’s when the new Overlord episode 44 release time and date is in PT, ET, BST, CEST, and more.

When is the Overlord 4 episode 5 release date and time?

The Overlord 4 episode 5 release date is August 2, 2022.

Here is the Overlord 4 episode 5 premiere release time:

  • 10:00 PM JST
  • 6:00 AM PT
  • 9:00 AM ET
  • 2:00 PM BST
  • 3:00 PM CEST

Those with a Crunchyroll Premium subscription will be able to watch the new Overlord 4 episode as soon as it goes live at the above time. It can often take Crunchyroll a moment to show the latest episode. Giving the app or website a refresh can give it a kick and force it to load, however.

At the time of writing, only previous Overlord seasons can be watched using a free account. All Overlord IV episodes are locked behind a Premium requirement. This means that you’ll need to either sign up and pay or use a free trial to watch the new season.

When is the Overlord 4 episode 5 English dub release date?

The Overlord 4 episode 5 English dub release date is August 16.

The Overlord IV English dub is just a couple of weeks behind the Japanese dub release. This shouldn’t make it too difficult for fans to dodge spoilers before the English dub comes out.

As is the case with the Japanese dub, the English version of Overlord 4 is locked behind a premium subscription paywall. You’ll need a paid-for membership to watch it.

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