One Piece Episode 1027 Release Date and Time on Crunchyroll

The One Piece episode 1027 release date and time for the Japanese language version with English subtitles are now found on Crunchyroll. It would seem that while Funimation and Crunchyroll are under the same Sony ownership that Funimation is currently in charge of the English dubbing of the anime. The title of Episode 1027 will be “Protect Luffy! Zoro and Law’s Sword Technique.” Tatsuya Nagamura will be directing the episode once again while Tomohiro Nakayama is in charge of writing the script.

What is the One Piece episode 1027 release date and time?

One Piece Episode 1027 Release Date

One Piece episode 1027 is scheduled to air on Saturday, July 30. As the fanbase of the series is vast but scattered across many time zones, the following is a list of release times around the globe:

  • 11:00 AM JST (July 31)
  • 7:00 PM PDT
  • 10:00 PM EDT
  • 3:00 AM BST (July 31)
  • 4:00 AM CEST (July 31)

Thus far, the anime is taking its time building to a climax. After the Akazaya samurai realize that Oden is just a fake made by the traitor Kanjuro, they are surprised when it reveals that dynamite is strapped to its body. Ashura chooses to sacrifice his life by pushing Oden out of the room, the dynamite exploding away from his friends. In the meantime, Dogstorm has decided to stand off against the mammoth Jack. The fights between Queen and Chopper, as well as main fight between Luffy’s crew and Kaido with Big Mama, continues to escalate. Kaido and Big Mama attempt to do a “Conquest of the Sea” dual attack, but Zoro is barely able to block it at the cost of a lot of stamina.

Crunchyroll has been thankfully consistent with the anime in terms of keeping it free to all users. The streaming service has stated that ongoing animes like One Piece would not be impacted by its new policy of putting new series behind its premium paywall.

What is the One Piece episode 1027 English dub release date?

One Piece Episode 1027 Release Date

The English dub release date for Episode 1027 will arrive eventually but an exact date is too far in the future to even guess. On Funimation, we recently received a batch of new English language episodes up to number 818. We’re not yet in the current season, but they’re catching up at a good pace.

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