One Piece Episode 1026 Release Date and Time on Crunchyroll

The One Piece episode 1026 release date and time can be found on Crunchyroll for the original Japanese dubbing with English subs. The streaming service still doesn’t have the rights to the English dubbing, but you can find it on its brother site, Funimation. Episode 1026, which is technically episode 135 in current season 20, will be called “The Supernovas Counterattack! The Emperors of the Sea’s Disassembly Operation” and be directed by Ryota Nakamura and written by Hitoshi Tanaka. We have confirmation of release dates and episode titles up to episode 1030 so we know there won’t be any “special” episodes to ruin the numbering order again.

For a summary of what has happened up until now without spoiling too much, Oden returned to about three minutes of straight shock and manly crying by his retainers, the Akazaya Kunin Otoko (or the Nine Red Scabbards). Most of them were willing to fight alongside their former master, who was sent to the future, but a few of the Akazaya saw threw the ruse. This wasn’t Oden at all, but a fake drawing by the former Akazaya member Kanjuro who was revealed as a traitor during this arc. We also see Momo become depressed about not being powerful enough, transforming unintentionally into his dragon form. Those who have read the manga will know that this form is actually very important later. As for the big fight between the Straw Hats and Kaido, it’s not going that well quite yet but Luffy and the gang seem to have some plan in the works.

What is the One Piece episode 1026 release date and time?

One Piece Episode 1026

The original Japanese version of One Piece episode 1026 will air on Saturday, July 23. Since the anime is extremely popular around the world, here’s a list of release times depending on the time zone:

  • 11:00 AM JST (July 24)
  • 7:00 PM PDT
  • 10:00 PM EDT
  • 3:00 AM BST (July 24)
  • 4:00 AM CEST (July 24)

Unlike some of the other animes on the streaming service, especially those that are new or have new seasons, all of the episodes for One Piece are available to all users without being blocked by a subscription paywall. It’s a good way for new users to see what the service’s simulcast is like. And of course it’s nice to be able to watch all episodes of One Piece if you’ve got the time to get through them all.

What is the One Piece episode 1026 English dub release date?

One Piece Episode 1026

The English language version of Episode 1026 will be released quite far in the future. Funimation has been quite consistent with its English batch releases, having recently covered up to episode 818. That might sound like they are way behind and that’s not wrong, but they were much further behind in the past. If there’s a break in the current anime releases for One Piece, that might give Funimation some needed time to catch up.

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