One Piece Episode 1025 Release Date and Time on Crunchyroll

The One Piece episode 1025 release date and time on Crunchyroll for the Japanese language with English subtitles have been revealed. The English dubbed versions are still under the jurisdiction of Funimation, despite the fact that both streaming services are under the same Sony umbrella. The episode will be called “The Supernovas Counterattack! The Emperors of the Sea’s Disassembly Operation” and be directed by Ryota Nakamura. As we have moved passed the SP-3 episode two weeks ago, the numbering for this season has thankfully returned to normal.

Here’s a short recap so far without any spoilers of the last episode. Just in the nick of time, Chopper has finished synthesizing a cure for the Ice Oni virus that has been spreading among soldiers on both sides. The dinosaur pirate Queen, who created the virus, doesn’t care that his flunkies are dying to the disease. Hyogaro has used the virus to regain his former strength but has asked his students to behead him before the disease takes him over entirely and he begins attacking his allies. But Chopper creates a different virus that counteracts the icy one, distributing it as a mist and turning some of Queen’s crew to their side. But in a final twist, it is revealed that Oden-sama is actually alive!

What is the One Piece episode 1025 release date and time?

One Piece Episode 1025

One Piece episode 1025 is scheduled to be broadcast on Saturday, July 16. The release time will vary depending on the time zone:

  • 11:00 AM JST (July 17)
  • 7:00 PM PDT
  • 10:00 PM EDT
  • 3:00 AM BST (July 17)
  • 4:00 AM CEST (July 17)

Luckily, One Piece has remained free to all users on Crunchyroll. Many other animes, particularly the latest seasons of them, have been placed behind the subscription paywall. At the time of this writing, the Wikipedia page for the current season 20 lists up to episode 1030, so it looks like we won’t have any delays or any other filler special episodes.

What is the One Piece episode 1025 English dub release date?

One Piece Episode 1025

It’s hard to say when the release date for the English dubbing for Episode 1025 will be. That said, we’re in luck this time as another batch of English dubs are available on Funimation, with it going from episode 806 to 818, While this hasn’t reached the current season yet, this is a good pace. We’ll continue to monitor Funimation for when more English episodes drop.

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