NZXT x My Hero Academia PC Case Goes Wild With Anime Love

NZXT has announced its latest CRFT PC case design. This time around, the PC-centric company is crossing over into the world of another anime, My Hero Academia, to bring diehard fans a loud and proud design. This isn’t just any old H510i case… This is the H510i Rivals!

NZXT My Hero Academia PC case price, availability, and features

NZXT x My Hero Academia PC Case

The NZXT My Hero Academia PC case price is $249.99. Though it’s a significant price increase over the standard H510i case, this product is part of NZXT’s “CRFT” line-up, which offers limited-edition “officially licensed products based around the communities [NZXT] loves.”

NZXT My Hero Academia PC case features

  • Showcases the classic rivalry, displaying two unique sides of Deku and Bakugo with
    beautiful artwork inside and out.
  • Features a unique PLUS ULTRA puck and a powerful charm adorning the case. The
    charm is two-sided and features Midoriya’s mask on one side, and Bakugo’s
    grenadier bracer on the other.

While the priority with this case is clearly to shine brightly as a beacon of the My Hero Academia fandom, those building a PC in it will be happy to hear that it still comes with the usual bells and whistles featured in the standard H510i case. These include:

  • Pre-installed RGB LED Strip: Customize and control the lighting in the build to
    compliment Deku and Bakugo, any peripherals, and your gaming space.
  • Built-in GPU mounting bracket: Place your GPU vertically or horizontally with the
    built-in mounting bracket and get the fine details of the build dialed in.
  • Included RGB & Fan controller: Control two NZXT RGB lighting channels and three
    fan channels that support either voltage regulated or PWM fans via NZXT Cam.

The NZXT My Hero Academia PC case is available now from

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