New NZXT H1 2022: Differences and Fixes of the V2 Case

NZXT has announced its new H1 case for 2022. Like the original, this small form factor case aims to deliver an easy-to-build ITX PC. It supplies the case, cooler, fans, riser cable, and power supply. All a user has to add is the motherboard, CPU, ram, storage, and graphics card. The new H1 comes with a host of improvements that should result in better performance, not to mention how NZXT has “worked closely with a new vendor, using a more rigorous QA process to make sure each H1 upholds high quality and safety standards.”

New NZXT H1 (2022) features and improvements

new nzxt h1

  • Increased Size from 13L to 15.6L to make adequate room for the latest AMD and
    NVIDIA video -cards, as well as increased cooling.
  • An extra USB A Port to the front I/O.
  • Fan controller via NZXT CAM for ease of controlling RGB and fan curves.
  • Rear exhaust fan in the GPU compartment.
  • Improved PCIe Riser that supports Gen 4 PCIe GPUs.
  • Built-in 750W Gold Power Supply.
  • Built-in AIO Cooler.
  • Pre-routed cables for easy cable management.

As for pricing, both the matte black and white versions of the new NZXT H1 will cost $399.99. It’s set to launch in the US on February 21.

Opinion: NZXT is focusing on the right things

Mack writes… Having reviewed the original H1 back in 2020 (and daily driving it ever since!), I’m eager to get the new version in for testing. I’ve grown very familiar with the pros and cons of the 1.0 version and so look forward to seeing how V2 holds up. It certainly looks promising, based on the announced features. I was hoping to see an “H1 Flow” variant, with the tempered glass swapped out for a mesh panel, but one step at a time, I suppose!

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