Netflix Resident Evil Season 2 Release Date Rumors and Leaks: Is it Canceled?

Given the mixed reaction to Netflix Resident Evil, many are wondering if it’ll get a season 2 release date. The service is known for putting even popular series on the chopping block, and cancelation is a threat even for shows with a large following. We’ll look at the show’s chances for a second season below.

Will there be a Netflix Resident Evil Season 2 or is it canceled?

So far, Netflix hasn’t announced a Resident Evil Season 2 release date. While the series ended on a cliffhanger, it’s not unusual for Netflix to cancel one of its original series without an ending. For example, Cowboy Bebop’s second season was in pre-production when Netflix canceled it three weeks after its premiere.

Unfortunately, Netflix is horribly mismanaged and has no clue which of its original series will do well. It will spend millions on critically maligned productions like Resident Evil and Cowboy Bebop while allowing shows with huge fanbases like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to languish with little promotion.

Given audiences’ almost universally poor reaction to Resident Evil, I would be shocked if it gets a second season. The only good thing that can come from it is that Capcom finally takes back the license from Constantin and allows someone competent to give adapting the franchise to film or TV a shot.

Are there any Season 2 leaks

A draft script of the first episode of Resident Evil leaked last year. According to those that have seen them, very little changed between them and the final version. However, nothing concerning a potential second season has leaked yet.

Netflix’s reputation for canceling its original series has likely forced the service to take a wait-and-see approach before committing to further seasons. Countless millions have probably been wasted putting seasons of shows into pre-production only to cancel them later. So, if we get any leaks, it’ll be after Netflix confirms a second season is coming.

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