Multiversus Best Characters: Tier List for July 2022

Seeing a Multiversus best characters tier list for July 2022 might be surprising given that the game is technically still in open beta. But the fighter by Player First Games is currently more popular than every other fighting game according to Steam charts, and so experts have already weighed in on the meta, placing certain characters above others in terms of overall strength, flexibility, and skill set. Of course, it’s incredibly early for any kind of tier list. The developer is still in the midst of updating the character roster while nerfing and buffing existing characters through various patches. Still, many players agree on who the best fighters are right now.

Who are the best Multiversus characters?

MultiVersus Best Characters Tier List

Taz currently sits at the top of the pile, being placed in the highest tiers on multiple lists. His Taz-nado spin move is incredibly useful, hitting enemies multiple times before rocketing them out of the arena. On top of that, his Bottomless Pit ability gives him the opportunity to heal damage. He’s so universally strong that the latest patch has already nerfed the tornado to have decreased duration, reduced knockback, and one fewer hit. In the future, the developer plans to change the Tornado into a cooldown move to remove spamming.

Also sitting near the top of many lists are two other Bruiser-type characters: Batman and Shaggy. Batman’s ability to move around the map with ease using his Bat-Grapple is key, while his specials easily covers attacks for the ground and the air. Shaggy is harder to learn, but his flying kick and combos hit hard if you can connect them, especially when you have his rage ability turned on. He can even give Superman a run for his money.

Last but not least is Harley Quinn. As an Assassin-type character, she can surprise characters and then lock them down before swinging her hammer hard for lots of damage. If she’s able to stick her Stuffie Bat on an enemy, she can have it explode for the most impact. Her combination of swiftness and attack versatility is among the strongest

Multiversus Tier List for July 2022

MultiVersus Best Characters Tier List

  • S Tier: Taz, Batman, Shaggy, Harley Quinn
  • A Tier: Arya Stark, Superman, Tom and Jerry, Jake the Dog
  • B Tier: Bugs Bunny, Finn, Wonder Woman, Superman
  • C Tier: Garnet, Velma, Reindog
  • D Tier: Iron Giant, Steven Universe
  • TBD: Lebron

With nerfs and changes made to Taz and Batman in the latest patch, you can expect this tier list to change by next month. But for now, you can confidently pick characters in the S and A tiers as your mains without having to worry about being underpowered.

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