Monster Hunter Rise Monster Hardbone Location: What Drops It and How to Farm

You’ll need Monster Hardbone in Monster Hunter Rise to craft most of the high-rank weapons and armor in the game. Unfortunately, there’s not any one dependable location to farm it quickly. However, there is a way to get Monster Hardbone that is faster than alternative methods.

How to get Monster Hardline in Monster Hunter Rise

The best way to farm Monster Hardbone in Monster Hunter Rise is by taking on the six-star quest A Somniferous Elegy and capturing the Somnacanth. You have a 20% chance to get a Monster Hardbone as a quest reward, and the Somnacanth has a 14% chance to drop two of them if captured (and a 7% chance of dropping one if killed). This means getting 3 Monster Hardbone per hunt is possible if RNG is in your favor.

Otherwise, you’ll need to depend on quest rewards to obtain Monster Hardbone. Here’s a list:


  • A Bewitching Dance (20% x1)
  • A Somniferous Elegy (20% x1)
  • Be One with the Bow (20% x1)
  • Closer Than it Appears (20% x1)
  • Dissect the Dual Blades (20% x1)
  • Do It for the Dango! (20% x1)
  • Grasp the Gunlance (20% x1)
  • Invoke the Insect Glaive (20% x1)
  • Learn the Long Sword (13% x1)
  • Red Skies at Night (13% x1)
  • Sharpening Amber Fangs (20% x1)
  • Showdown in the Arena (13% x1)
  • Skies are Gray (20% x1)
  • Skies Flash, Clouds Boom (13% x1)
  • The Abyss Stares Back (20% x1)


  • A Muddy Invitation (13% x1)
  • A Quartet of Horns (13% x1)
  • A Resounding Roar (13% x1)
  • A Whirlwind of a Stage (13% x1)
  • Advanced: Dual Calamites (12% x1, 8% x2)
  • Advanced: Monsters in Ink (19% x1)
  • Clad in Hellfire (13% x1)
  • Death From Above (12% x1, 8% x2)
  • Fought, Failed, Fired Up (13% x1)
  • Heart of a Ninja (13% x1)
  • I Can’t Do What Somnacan (13% x1)
  • Master Utsushi’s Part 1 (12% x1, 8% x2)
  • Master Utsushi’s Part 2 (12% x1, 8% x2)
  • Master Utsushi’s Part 3 (12% x1, 8% x2)
  • Master Utsushi’s Part 4 (12% x1, 8% x2)
  • Occupational Hazards (18% x1)
  • Return of the Bazelgeuse (12% x1, 8% x2)
  • Ruckus in the Ruins (13% x1)
  • Seared Situation (13% x1)
  • Subterranean Disturbances (13% x1)

Other than the above, you can hunt Somnacanth in expedition mode. However, that’s incredibly inefficient.

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