Monster Hunter Rise Monster Fluid Location: What Drops It and How to Farm

You’ll need to find locations to get Monster Fluid in Monster Hunter Rise if you want to craft some of the best items in the game. Unfortunately, many weapons and armor require one or more Monster Fluids to make, and chances are you haven’t accrued a ton of them by the time you need them. Fortunately, this pesky crafting material isn’t too tough to obtain once you know which creatures drop it.

How to farm Monster Hunter Rise Monster Fluid locations

You can get Monster Fluid in Monster Hunter Rise by carving the following small creatures:

It’s a rare drop for all three monsters, but you can farm them by heading to Lava Caverns. There are always two Altaroth in the west part of Zone 1, and Rachnoid spawn in Zone 13. I typically take an expedition to the Lava Caverns, hit the two Altaroth, and then go take out the Rachnoid and then fast travel back to the camp. By the time you return to Zone 1, the Altaroth should have respawned, and you can repeat the cycle again.

However, note that Monster Fluid only drops from the above monsters during Low Rank exploration. On High Rank, they drop Monster Broth instead, which is another crafting item.

You can also get Monster Fluid by defeating Volvidon and by Wyvern Riding it. However, the amount you get isn’t worth the time you have to spend compared to the method above.

As a reference, here are the items that are crafted using Monster Fluid and how many you need:


  • Arko Nulo II (x2)
  • Arko Nulo Red I (x2)
  • Arko Nulo White I (x1)
  • Arzuros Axe I (x2)
  • Chaos Bow I (x2)
  • Dark Scythe I (x2)
  • Dual Hatchets I (x2)
  • Fiore Nulo I (x1)
  • Frilled Jab I (x1)
  • Hunter’s Stoutbow I (x2)
  • Jaeger I (x1)
  • Keen Edge I (x3)
  • Magia Charm II (x3)
  • Magia Pitareen II (x3)
  • Magia Pitareen II (x3)
  • Mandible Blade II (x4)
  • Paladin Lance I (x3)
  • Rielle Nulo I (x2)
  • Secta Nulo I (x1)
  • Secta Nulo Red I (x1)
  • Secta Nulo Yellow I (x2)
  • Sturdy Glaive I (x3)
  • Vicello Nulo II (x2)

Low Rank Armor:

  • Aelucanth Elytra (x2)
  • Bnahabra Coil (x1)
  • Bnahabra Suit (x2)
  • Melahoa Roots (x2)
  • Mosgharl Creeper (x2)
  • Rhopessa Elytra (x2)
  • Secta Nulo I (x1)
  • Secta Nulo Red I (x1)
  • Secta Nulo Yellow I (x2)
  • Skalda Crura (x2)
  • Skalda Vertex (x1)
  • Skalda Vertex (x1)
  • Spio Crura (x2)
  • Sturdy Glaive I (x3)
  • Vicello Nulo II (x2)
  • Volvidon Vambraces (x2)

There are probably better Monster Fluid farming routes than the one above. So keep an eye out for the creatures that drop it, and let us know if you find a faster way to accrue a stockpile of the item.

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