Mindstir Media’s Guide On Making Books Into Movies

Mindstir Media’s Guide On Making Books Into Movies – Have you ever thought about what would happen if a book that you just finished reading actually came to life?

The mere thought feels so intriguing in itself when one imagines witnessing those characters in reality.

Movies that are based on books are the perfect example of the same.

Some of the most popular movies of all time, both fiction and non-fiction, have been adapted from books.

Just like a movie, books have a properly developed plot along with suitable characters playing their plot.

However, making a movie from a book is not an easy task.

It requires a lot of effort, due deliberation and a whole lot of money as well. Thus, proper guidance and services are needed in making movies from books.

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About MindStir Media

MindStir Media is engaged in the business of publishing books. It is a self-publishing agency situated in Los Angeles.

The company was founded by J.J. Hebert, a leading author, speaker and influencer.

The company was set up with a vision to support budding and young authors.

However, MindStir Media provides them expert professional services at affordable costs.

It is a credible platform to publish books as it lets authors retain the copyright over their work.

The brand is known for its extensive network worldwide that ensures that books published under its name reach worldwide.

MindStir Media is endorsed by several famous personalities that include the likes of Kevin Harrington and Daniel Baldwin.

The company has been able to generate a lot of business and reach in the past few years due to their exclusive services.

Apart from the self-publishing services, the platform also provides the opportunity of making a book into a movie.

The said concept has been prevalent since long and has been extremely successful. Popular movie series like the Harry Potter movies, Sherlock Holmes movies are all based on books only.

The following segment deals with MindStir Media’s special services of making a book into a movie.

MindStir Media: Make Movies from Books

The company provides a full-fledged detailed package to make movies from books. It includes interactive sessions with experts, professional assessments and reports.

This 4-step process nearly costs around $20,000. However, the cost varies depending upon the length, complexity and volume of your work.

Step 1: Coverage Service

This is the first step of the process that checks whether a book is suitable to be converted into a book.

In other words, this step checks the screen entertainment feasibility of the project.

A Book to Screen Manager is appointed who provides a professional written assessment regarding the work of the author.

His job is to evaluate the story, plot and its characters and whether the book can be turned into a movie.

Costing around $900, this step helps in determining whether further steps shall be taken or not.

Step 2: Treatment Writing

Costing around $3200, this step majorly involves preparation of the logline, plot summary, etc.

the screenplay writer is expected to do this job that takes 10 days for a 400 pages long book.

This step holds great significance in determining the business viability of a project.

Step 3 & 4: Screenplay Creation & Pitch Presentation Services

Step 3: costs around $16,000 wherein the screenplay of a movie is written.

Step 4: costs around $1600 and involves the final submission of a screenplay.

The submission of the screenplay marks the end of a successful process of making a book into a movie.

With MindStir Media, all of this can be done with ease while availing expert & professional services & a highly personalized experience.

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