Link Your Lock Screen To Focus Mode

It’s widget time! Another text style and variety conspire has been added! A backdrop with emoticons! Apple has at long last offered the iPhone lock screen the consideration it merits with iOS 16.

It appears to be that Apple has made various changes to the lock screen lately, which go past the shallow changes as you can now interface your lock screen to various focus modes. You can redo every mode’s settings in the settings menu, and that implies that what shows up on your lock screen for every mode – Do Not Disturb, Driving, Personal, Sleep, and Work – is affected by the settings you pick.

The ongoing variant of iOS 16 as of now permits you to redo the settings for the various kinds of focus modes that are accessible. It will be feasible to switch between modes straightforwardly from your lock screen as well as the other way around, on account of this update. I will tell you the best way to set it up in the accompanying advances.

1. To open screen settings, press and hold the lock screen.

Moreover, here you will actually want to make your own backdrop, add widgets, and redo your subject.

Customize settings directly from the lock screen. Credit: Apple
Customize settings directly from the lock screen. Credit: Apple

2. Click the Focus icon.

This can be found towards the base focus of the screen, towards the base right corner. Assuming that you tap on this icon, you will see a window that will show you every one of the various modes that you can use for Focus. You can alter your Focus modes, on the off chance that you haven’t previously done as such, by looking over right down and tapping the “Focus Settings” button.

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