Jojo Stone Ocean Part 2 Release Date: When is Episode 13 Coming Out?

We finally know the Jojo Stone Ocean Part 2 release date. After what seems like forever, the Stone Ocean episode 13 release date was revealed at Anime Expo 2022. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to see what happens to Jolyne in Green Dolphin Street Prison next.

Jojo Stone Ocean episode 13 release date

The Jojo Stone Ocean part 2 release date is September 1, 2022. Episodes 13 through 24 will be added to Netflix on that day. It’s unfortunate that Netflix sabotaged the series and killed the hype we usually see with a Jojo anime.

When the series was first announced, fans were ecstatic and couldn’t wait for what would be almost a full year of weekly Jojo releases. Instead, Netflix dumped the first 12 episodes on the service with little fanfare in December 2021. It then went radio silent about when further episodes would release for the next seven months.

Hopefully, David Production or Warner Bros. Japan will choose another partner to release Steel Ball Run with (if it even gets made after this disaster). A 10-month wait between drops is ridiculous given that Golden Wind was able to complete its run with only a couple of recap episodes. At this rate, we won’t get Stone Ocean Part 3 until June 2023. We don’t know how many episodes the series will be yet, and if there’s a Part 4 release, we might not see it until December 2023. If so, it will have taken Netflix over twice the amount of time to air Stone Ocean than Crunchyroll took to release Golden Wind.

From the trailer, it looks like Part 2 of Stone Ocean will open with Jolyne in the hole. She’ll be trying to find the bone that could resurrect Dio before Pucci can. Curiously, it didn’t show any scenes from the Kiss of Love and Revenge arc, which focuses on Ermes. We’re hoping its absence doesn’t mean it’s been omitted from the anime.

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