Is There a Cult of the Lamb Black Fog Bug Softlock Fix?

Players are finding that Cult of the Lamb black fog is softlocking their progress. Unfortunately, once the black fog bug occurs, there’s seemingly no way to get past it and go on a crusade again. Here’s what we know about the issue so far.

Is there a way to fix the Cult of the Lamb black fog bug softlock?

Users report that the black fog bug can happen at various points in Cult of the Lamb. However, the thing that triggers it is returning from a crusade and having to complete a task in the village. When you have a main objective to finish in the village, it blocks off the path to the dungeons with black fog. However, this can glitch out sometimes and remain present after you’ve finished your mission objective.

Unfortunately, when the black fog remains, the game is likely softlocked. We assume the developer will issue a patch that will fix this bug soon. You can try to complete any active quests you have and see if that clears the problem. However, the only fix, for now, is to restart your game completely. Luckily, it seems like it’s a bug that occurs more frequently early in the game when the tutorials are taking place. So, as frustrating as it is, you shouldn’t lose too much progress if you’re forced to start over.

For those looking for a more permanent (and reliable) solution, we’ll need to stay tuned for the next update. Hopefully, patch 1.0.3 will bring some fixes required for this bug and overall performance issues the game is experiencing. It’s a shame that this bug is affecting so many people because by all accounts its a great game, according to reviews.

So, as tough as it is, the best fix is to either hold tight for a patch or play at your own risk.

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