Is the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Worth Buying if I Have a Flip 3?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 owners want to know if the Flip 4 is worth buying after its reveal. Though it’s cheaper than its bigger brother, the Fold, it’s still in the same price range as an iPhone 13 Pro Max. So, we’ll look at the faceoff of Flip 3 vs. Flip 4 and discuss whether it’s worth upgrading to the new model below.

Is it worth it to buy the Flip 4 if I have the Flip 3?

If you have a Galaxy Z Flip 3, the Flip 4 isn’t worth it. It’s such an incremental update that most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two. At $1,000 for the base model Flip 4, you can afford almost any other Android phone, and if you want something new, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

The Flip 4 has even fewer improvements over the Flip 3 than the Fold 3 does over its predecessor. There’s a breakdown of the upgrades:

  • Better camera sensors and lenses.
  • Slightly larger battery.
  • More durable glass.
  • Slightly thinner hinge.
  • Improved SoC
  • Support for Super Fast Charging

There’s also some new functionality on the software side of things, but we assume those features will also come to the Flip 3.

So, it’s essentially the same phone. If you have a Flip 3, you’ve already experienced the Flip 4 for the most part. The only way it’s worth it for Flip 3 owners is if they can get a decent trade-in credit. If that’s the case, and you only have to pay a few hundred bucks to buy the Flip 4, then go wild.

We’re hoping that Samsung brings a design refresh to its Z line in 2023. Unfortunately, though we still think the folding clamshell design is excellent, it’s not enough to make the phone stand out anymore. Maybe the Flip 5 will wow us like the original did the first time we saw it.

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