iOS 15.3 Release Date: When can you download Beta and Public builds?

The next patch for iPhone users is iOS 15.3. This new update will bring new features and improve stability on newer devices, including the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and more. With developers soon to get their hands on the iOS 15.3 beta, many users are wondering: “When can I download the iOS 15.3 beta and public build?” Here’s the need-to-know information.

When is the iOS 15.3 beta release date?

iOS 15.3 Release Date

The iOS 15.3 beta release date is expected to land before or on December 31, 2021.

With the beta builds of upcoming iOS updates usually going live shortly after the public launch of current builds, the iOS 15.3 beta is expected to be rolled out at any time.

As developers (and those who have developer access) download and test out the iOS 15.3 beta, it’s highly likely that the update’s new features will be revealed on forums and across social media. For now, there is little information known about the iOS 15.3 patch notes.

When is the iOS 15.3 public build release date?

iOS 15.3 Release Date

The iOS 15.3 public build release date hasn’t yet been confirmed.

While it’s often possible to give an estimate of a release date, the inconsistency of iOS public launches makes it incredibly difficult to do so. Obviously, the public build will launch after developers have had a chance to try out the beta build, so users aren’t likely to have access to iOS 15.3 until 2022.

For now, users can download the latest public build of iOS by checking for updates on their iPhones.

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