How To Get Cheap Microsoft Office License From AliExpress

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What is a Microsoft Office license?

Microsoft Office licenses are difficult to come by, but they do persist. Software volume licensing from Microsoft makes it easier and less expensive to run software on multiple computers within an organization.

You only pay for the software license when you purchase software licenses through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs.

Here’s how to get free Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office goes on the gold standard of office applications, but obtaining a Microsoft Office license can be prohibitively expensive.

Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business still costs more than $200 for a single PC license two years after its release.

If that makes your wallet cry, take a look at these ways to get Microsoft Office for free.

Work with Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft provides an extensive collection of free Microsoft Office utilities.

Office on the web (official name and many still relate to it as Office Online) is primarily a browser-based edition of Microsoft’s latest Office suite.

It currently consists of:

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Sway
  • People
  • One Drive

However, there is a catch. Microsoft Office apps available online only provide a limited Microsoft Office experience.

Office Mobile Apps from Microsoft

Microsoft Office is free for iOS and Android users. Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are reduced but functional versions of the Office mobile app.

The size of the screen you’re using determines how useful the Office mobile app is.

Enroll in the Microsoft 365 Trial

Office 2019 introduced a slew of new features across the board. If you’ve not already done sign up for Office 2019 elsewhere, you can give it a shot before you shell out your cash.

As a result, you can sign up for a free one-month trial of Microsoft 365.

The trial gives you access to the entire Microsoft Office 2019 suite. You also get 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage and 60 minutes of Skype credit each month.

There is, of course, a “catch.” You must offer a valid debit, credit, or PayPal account during the sign-up process.

When your trial period expires, Microsoft will start charging your account automatically.

How about a free trial of Office 365 ProPlus?

When your 30-day Microsoft Office 365 trial period expires, you’ll either be managed to sell or prepared to start something different.

Put another way, why not try again? This time, I’m trying out Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus.

You have another 30 days to test Microsoft Office 2019 and use the same Microsoft Office programs as before.

Purchase Hardware that Includes Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is rarely included with a new desktop or laptop computer.

Unless there is an introductory rate, you will be purchasing Microsoft Office as an add-on. And if you’re putting together your PC, you’re out of luck.

However, these kinds of deals aren’t impossible to come by—you have to strike while the iron is hot. Regretfully, this necessitates a circumstantial trifecta: new hardware with a bundle deal, the funds to take full advantage of said deal, and a need to update your hardware.

Inquire with Your Employer or School

Everything we’ve discussed thus far allows you to download Microsoft Office for free, but it comes with restrictions: availability, functionality, and hardware.

However, this final option provides some of you with a perfect chance of obtaining a full version of Microsoft Office 2019 or Microsoft Office 365 for free.

Furthermore, Microsoft has long provided free Office 365 Education packages to schools. You may have to ask directly.

Microsoft Office license and AliExpress:

You’ve probably heard a lot about Microsoft 365. Your employees have been teasing you about it.

You’ve even looked over all of the tools and features, and you’re wondering if Microsoft 365 is the proper remedy for your small business.

Yes, the answer is yes. Microsoft 365 can assist your employees in collaborating in new and more efficient ways.

However, it is more than just a set of tools. It’s a new way of doing things. Here are seven reasons why entrepreneurs should think about using Microsoft 365.

Suppose you have been searching for the cheapest Microsoft office license from AliExpress.

Then, your search is over now as you have landed on the right platform where we will present various cheap Microsoft office licenses from Express in front of you.

When you shop for Microsoft office during a big sale, you’ll find plenty of discounts in addition to high-quality brands. Additional benefits are given below.

  • Data security and management

The security and protection of data in the cloud are no longer a concern. Microsoft 365 includes built-in security and continuous compliance, allowing small businesses to focus on what matters most.

You are always intended for your data location and who has access to it.

If you misplace your mobile device, you can also remotely wipe all data. So, go ahead and securely store your data in the cloud.

Saving your data online also keeps it safe in the event of a disaster. Consider the possibility of losing or damaging your laptop.

Thanks to 1TB of OneDrive online storage, your data is safer than ever before.

  • File Access from Anywhere

Office 365 enables your company to store all its files in the cloud. This implies they can be made available from any device connected to the Internet, from any location.

Accessing all the app stores and files you need while away from the office is invaluable in organizations where mobile working is required.

  • Regardless of what happens, keep your website up and running

Let’s be honest. You’re stuck if your in-house system fails or you destroy your office building by a fire or flood.

You don’t have any data, servers, or a website. According to data collected in 2015 by the United States Institute for Business and Home Safety, 25% of small businesses do not reopen after a major disaster.

When you upload your data to the cloud, all of your business documents and applications, such as email, will be accessible at all times.

Whatever happens, you’ll be up and running.

This is an excellent option for small businesses. Forget about the initial outlay! Microsoft 365 has a flexible monthly billing process that allows you to add or remove users as needed.

A contract does not bind you, and you can change your plans at any time to meet the needs of your expanding business.

This scalable solution could be just what a small business needs to get started in the cloud.

Because there are no upfront costs, this solution will be easier to fit into your monthly budget.

  • Increased mailbox storage

We all have the habit of keeping our email messages in our inboxes. We try to clean it up from time to time, but we always end up keeping every email we’ve ever sent or received.

This type of housekeeping is no longer necessary with Microsoft 365! You can finally say goodbye to the red popup that reminds you it’s time to clean up your inbox. Say hello to 50GB of email storage space instead.

Meetings, email, and contact management are essential aspects of running a small business. When you use Microsoft 365, your email, calendar, and contacts are all synced and ready to use.

When you change a reference on your phone, it will be reflected on all your devices.

This is a fantastic feature for assisting small businesses in making the most of Microsoft 365.

The same data can also be approached from any device. Save a document on your PC and work on it later on your phone or tablet.


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