How to Fix V Rising “No Response From Remote Host” Error

Some players are facing a specific V Rising error where they get a “no response from remote host” message. This is commonly experienced by those who are attempting to set up a LAN connection, which can be more complicated to establish than it seems. Apart from this issue, as an Early Access game, V Rising still has many bugs to iron out..

V Rising “No Response From Remote Host” Error Fix

V Rising Error

Unfortunately, this particular V Rising error has not been officially addressed by the developers yet, despite several threads in the game’s Steam forums and unofficial Reddit made by users who are frustrated with this bug. However, there are several solutions you can try that have worked for some players to repair or work around this.

Solution 1: Using Steam’s Friend List

  • Leave the LAN option in the game’s settings unticked (yes, this is a bit counterintuitive)
  • Create a password and host a game
  • Head to your Steam friends list
  • Right click on your friend’s name and choose “Invite to Play”
  • Have your friend enter the password to connect

Solution 2: Use an In-Game Code Instead

  • Hit “ESC” while in a game session
  • Find the game code, located beneath the IP address
  • Have your friend connect using the in-game code

Solution 3: Port Forwarding to the Host

This solution is the most difficult of the three, particularly if you’re not tech-savvy. According to a user on the Steam forums, one possible solution is to port forward to the computer hosting the game and then connect directly to the host via local IP address.

However, other users like this one on the unofficial subreddit for the game attempted to go through multiple troubleshooting steps to no avail. This included going through multiple router settings, changing ports, turning firewalls on and off, turning LAN on and off, and ensuring that everyone was on the same subnet. Ultimately, the user could not make Solution 1 work but was fortunately successful with Solution 2.

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