How To Fix Multiversus ‘Connection Lost’ Error (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

The Multiversus “Connection lost” error for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One isn’t something players of the new free-to-play crossover fighting game want to be putting up with. These issues stop an online multiplayer game in its tracks and can be very frustrating to deal with. Thankfully, there are some workarounds to help resolve the problem. Here’s how to fix the Multiversus “Connection lost” error.

MultiVersus “Connection Lost” error fix (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox)

Multiversus ‘Connection Lost’ Error fix

Here’s how to fix the Multiversus “Connection Lost” error:

  • Restart the game.
    • Restarting the game will sometimes help resolve simple errors and bugs, including internet connection issues.
  • Restart the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S.
    • A simple restart can help resolve problems like this. It also forces the game to attempt a reconnect.
  • Check the PC or console to ensure there is a stable internet connection.
    • If the internet is being used via WiFi, where possible switch to a wired connection via an ethernet cable. This will help prevent any hiccups in the WiFi signal.
    • If your wired connection is causing issues, then try switching to WiFi. Sometimes using a different connection can help solve any unwanted internet issues.
  • Restart the router.
    • Restarting the WiFi router can often help iron out any minor internet issues.
  • Log in and out of the game.
    • For users on PC, logging in and out of the game can help fix any quirks that can appear.
  • Check the Multiversus official Twitter account.

If none of the above helps fix the “Connection Lost” error, you can report a bug via the Multiversus official website, by clicking here.

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