How to find Amazon Fire TV Remote: Can it make a sound or vibrate?

The Amazon Fire TV is one of the most useful multimedia devices out there, but its tiny remote is very easy to lose. Access to the remote is absolutely crucial to using apps like Prime Video and Netflix, so losing it can be a nightmare. Luckily, we’ve got details on how you can locate your remote if you lose it, including whether it can make a sound or vibrate to locate it.

Can Amazon Fire TV remote make a sound or vibrate?

Amazon Fire TV

Sadly no, the Amazon Fire TV remove cannot make a sound or vibrate to help locate it. If you’ve lost yours, there’s no option for it to alert you to its location.

While that option isn’t possible, there are other ways to use your Amazon Fire TV remote if it’s gone walkabout. The Fire TV app has an option to emulate the functions of the remote, meaning you can use your phone to control your Fire Stick. Of course, that won’t help you track down the missing controller, but at least it won’t render your stick useless in the meantime.

As such, losing your remote won’t stop you from still using your Amazon Fire TV. Equally, it’s a good solution if there’s a problem with your controller, such as a button failing to work, or a sudden lack of power. Using the app’s built-in remote is an easy solution, and the chances are you won’t lose your phone as often as you might misplace the remote.

However, there is at present no way to make your controller buzz or emit noise to help track it down. If you’ve lost yours, then it’ll be an old-fashioned case of checking under sofa cushions, under the bed, and so on.

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