Hell Let Loose Update 12 Patch Notes: Night Maps, New Vehicles, and More

The Hell Let Loose Update 12 patch notes are live, and this update brings a plethora of new features, bug fixes, and content to the game. The Falling Dark update concentrates on bringing nighttime combat to the game and tools centered around low-light situations.

What’s new in Hell Let Loose Update 12?

Hell Let Loose Update 12 is called Falling Dark as it introduces low-light variations on existing maps. With it comes new tools like the flare gun that can be used to spot enemies.

The new map that comes with this patch is Remagen, which puts Allied and German players against each other for control of the Ludendorff Bridge. Both sides have strong points on either side of the bridge that can put up a heavy defense. As such, Commanders will need to make use of their new Precision Strike abilities, which allow them to call in an attack plane to drop explosives.

Two vehicles were also added with this patch:

  • United States: M4A3(75)W Medium Tank
  • Germany: Panzerkampfwagen V Panther

While the M4A3(75)W Sherman is new to the game, the Panther was previously removed and is now making its return. There are also several new vehicle camos players can obtain, and machine guns have been added to half-tracks.

Hell Let Loose Update 12 QOL Improvements

Probably the most significant improvement for PC players is the changes to VOIP. There are now volume sliders for Local, Unit, and Command chats. That means you can prioritize voice audio as you see fit. Playing as a grunt? Push Command down to prioritize Unit and Local.

Another great change is that wrecked vehicles can now be destroyed. No longer will a blown-out tank pin your Sherman in the streets of Carentan. However, infantry will have to be wary as wrecks won’t be as reliable for cover as they were before.

You can see the rest of the changes, additions, and bug fixes on the official Steam announcement.

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