Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Date on HBO Max

The Harley Quinn season 3 release date on HBO Max has been confirmed. We would normally place the words “Episode 1” in the title for season openers, but HBO Max has revealed that the first three episodes will be released at the same time as a super-sized package. The series will then return to the typical weekly schedule, revealing new episodes until September 15.

What is the Harley Quinn season 3 release date?

The third season of Harley Quinn is scheduled to air on Thursday, July 28 on HBO Max. It’s not clear at this point what the release time will be. But in the past, episodes have generally released at 6am PT or 9am ET, so that’s likely when you’ll see the first three episodes of the season be unlocked on the subscription service.

What will be the storyline for Harley Quinn Season 3?

Both the teaser trailer and the official trailer for Harley Quinn season 3 reveal some of the storylines and plot threads that Harley and the gang will need to face (WARNING: some spoilers from seasons one and two below):

  • Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have finally returned from their “Eat. Bang! Kill.” tour after confessing their love at the end of season 2 after Ivy and Kite Man break off their marriage.
  • The self-described “eco-terrorist” Poison Ivy will be following through with a new plan to terraform Gotham into an Eden paradise, with nature reclaiming the city by force. However, it seems that Harley might be having a identity crisis as she wrestles with being chaotic neutral, being somewhere between not really a supervillain and not exactly a superhero either. Is she going to be anti-hero?
  • Nightwing will make his debut in the series, joining Batgirl and Robin. Batman may be fully healed up at this point, so we might see him back in fighting shape.
  • Joker has embraced his prior identity as a suburban dad when he lost his memory in season two. Instead of taking over Gotham like a dictator in the first season, he merely wants to be elected mayor. We’ll see if Gordon still wants to be mayor based on the season two finale; if so, they’ll likely butt heads as they stump for votes.

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