Google’s New Programming Language, Carbon, Could Replace C++

(CTN News) – Carbon is Google’s new programming language that it believes could replace C++.

In recent years, programming languages have been replaced with models that are even easier to use. With Swift, Apple has opened up several possibilities to those who are less experienced than with its predecessor, Objective-C.

Speaking at a recent event, Google Principal Software Engineer Chandler Carruth explained how Rust doesn’t have the same “bi-directional interoperability” as other tools, creating a type of ‘language barrier’ when ‘translating’ between programming languages.

Move from C++ to Carbon

Consequently, Carbon should be compatible with popular C++ code, but users looking to migrate to the new version should have little difficulty doing so.

Carruth explained why Carbon is a powerful successor to C++ in more detail, including a simpler grammar and smoother API imports.

Other benefits extend beyond Carbon’s language, including its accessibility and inclusivity.

The Carbon family is largely made up of Google employees, but not exclusively. To be successful, the Carbon team says it needs to be “an independent, community-driven project”.

Carbon is currently just an experiment. Alternatively, you can use the Compiler Explorer web app to experiment with it inside your browser using its source code.

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Google’s new programming language, Carbon, could replace C++.
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