Fortnite: How to Jump on a Wolf

Fortnite Season 3 is upon us, introducing a ton of new content to experience. One of the new features is the wolf mount. These not only look awesome but they can actually be ridden and controlled, so long as a player knows how to tame them. For those wondering how exactly you jump on a wolf in Fortnite, taming it and riding it into battle, then this guide is here for you. Here’s how to jump on a wolf in Fortnite.

How to jump on a wolf in Fortnite

To jump on a wolf in Fortnite, players must:

  • Press the Jump button near a Wolf.
  • Make sure you land on top of the Wolf.
  • Land on the Wolf perfectly to tame it and take control.

This strategy can also be used to jump on boars, though they arguably don’t look as cool!

It might take a few tries to land on your first wolf, but eventually it will be second nature. It’s worth practicing jumping on wolves when away from battle, before busting out the mounting move during a fight.

Once players have jumped on a wolf, they are then free to fight or build. This means that wolves can be ridden into battle, which is sure to scare enemies. Alternatively, they can be taken up ramps, high into the sky for some gigantic leaps of faith.

While wolves aren’t likely to be ridden into battle too often in the normal battle royale modes, No Build should have them appearing more often, with players using them to navigate the wide-open spaces more easily and with less risk.

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