Fall Guys Xbox Release Time: When Does It Go Free-to-Play?

Mediatonic’s massively popular battle royale game will be getting a makeover this week, with the Fall Guys Xbox release time confirmed as to when the game’s free-to-play transition will begin. As a primer for those who don’t know, Fall Guys is not only releasing on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, and Nintendo Switch (it’s already available for PS4 and PC), but it’s going through a F2P reset aptly named Season 1: Free For All. This will add Show-Bucks, a new in-game currency that can be used to purchase the Season Pass on top of the included free progression path.

When is the Fall Guys Xbox release time for Season 1: Free for All?

The release time will be June 21 at 4 AM PST/7 AM EST/12 PM BST. This is valid for both the Xbox and Nintendo versions of the game. The PS5 version will also be made available on the same day with performance upgrades and faster loading times.

Season 1: Free for All will benefit from the game’s cross-platform play and cross-progression. This is particularly important for the Legacy Pack, a free bonus for players who already own the game on another platform. It will include a new nickname, nameplate, a few costumes (Regal, Veggie Dog, Feisty Dwarf), and a Season Pass for the first season. If applicable, you’ll want to make sure that you launch Fall Guys at least once before June 21 on current platforms.

Also, be on the lookout for global bonuses for pre-registrations to arrive on June 27. Epic Games and Mediatonic will be gifting all players various unlockables depending on how many people have completed the pre-registration process by 11:59 PM UTC on June 20. These include the Keen Bean Nameplate (at 500k sign-ups), 3,500 Kudos currency (at 1 million), a Burgers Pattern (1.5m), a Muscleman emote (2m) and a Melonhead Costume (2.5m).

As the game is now owned by Epic Games, Fall Guys will be de-listed from Steam on June 21 and be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Steam players will still receive updates for the game, but new players won’t be able to download it on the platform.

In other news, The Quarry and High on Life were reportedly Stadia releases at one point, and Xbox Game Pass will lose four games this month including Jurassic World Evolution.

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