Everything To Know For Small Businesses

Did you know that U.S. retail eCommerce sales are said to reach $1.06 trillion in 2022?

The predicted revenue shows a 16.1% increase in sales, with more small online companies continuing to pop up.

If you are starting an eCommerce company, you need to find the right platform to build your website—it’s the foundation of your sales and company.

So, in light of that, we will show why you should try Shoplazza by taking you through their reviews and site features.

Shoplazza Reviews

Regarding eCommerce website design, there’s so much more involved than having a product to sell and a webpage.

You need to consider other equally important features like omnichannel customer support, inventory management system, order management system, themes and marketing that provide the best website user experience.

Did you know Shoplazza started in 2017 in Canada?

They’ve created an easy-to-use, all-in-one DTC eCommerce SaaS platform for small businesses and startups to create and run their websites on their own.

Being one of the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses, their primary driver is creating cutting-edge eCommerce technology to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently for business owners.

Without further ado, here are some of Shoplazza’s top features that make it the best eCommerce platform for startups.

Quick Migration

If you use Amazon or Shopify, have no fear.

Shoplazza comes with a free migration tool that will automatically import your products, comments, and blog from your online shop.

Foundational Tools

Shoplazza comes with a website builder, content management system, ERP, marketing, and dropshipping tools.

Whether you’re a beginner with website building or advanced, you’ll find all the tools you need and more.

People like Shoplazza because of its many features and capabilities.

For example, they have a centralized dashboard, and you don’t need to know how to code to use the tool.

There is also a self-serve library that provides documentation if you need some guidance with using some of their features.

Free Trial

If you’re unsure about what website platform you want to use, it’s worth giving Shoplazza a try.

You get a 7-day free trial of exploring the platform before you have to buy a plan.

Customizable themes

Shoplazza has 26 themes, and all of them are free! Check out some of the best features their customizable themes come with:

  • You can customize them by changing the layout and color scheme and adding the logo and images you want,
  • There are free stock photos you can use as well,
  • A drag-and-drop building feature allows you to create web pages—showcasing your product and checkout webpage,
  • You can even use a custom domain name for your Shoplazza shop, and
  • This platform is very self-serving while also having support on call to help you with any troubleshooting or question.

Try Shoplazza: The Best eCommerce Website Builder

Now that you’ve seen the Shoplazza reviews, you can try the best eCommerce platform for small businesses.

They have great features, including a quick migration tool, website builder, content management system, ERP, and marketing tools.

You get a 7-day free trial to test the customizable themes and discover the ins and outs of this website-building tool.

Contact Shoplazza support with questions on how you can get started, pricing, other projects they’ve worked on, and more today.

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