Ellie; Have You Seen The Last Of Us Part 1 Yet? Here Are Ellie’s Jokes In Italian

(CTN News) _ By reliving one of Left Behind’s most iconic and fun scenes, we discover the origins of Ellie’s passion for jokes.

As part of TLOU’s expansion, the young woman immune to Cordyceps and her inseparable friend decide to exorcise the horror of the post-apocalyptic reality that surrounds them using a healthy dose of humor.

In this updated re-edition, Naughty Dog’s masterpiece could only resume this moment of hilarity and, if possible, make it even more immersive by re-creating the animations of the two protagonists of the adventure to be relived in TLOU Left Behind using Motion Matching technology.

Is this funny scene familiar to you? Feel free to comment, but not before admiring the fully localized Italian version.n.

Our review of The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5 can be found here as well, with Giuseppe Arace’s thoughts and analyses on the work done by Naughty Dog to rebuild and modernize the play system and graphics of a post-apocalyptic blockbuster launched on PS3 in 2013.

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