Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Super Hero DLC Pack, Gamma 2 Is Added

(CTN News) _ Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 keeps expanding, as it is often emphasized in the DLC trailers released by Bandai Namco.

The company announced the next addition to the game a few days ago, and it’s based on the latest movie in the Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

As a matter of fact, Bandai Namco has announced that an entire Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero DLC Pack set will be added to the game.

It consists of two Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Super Hero DLC packs which can be purchased separately. The first pack releases in Fall 2022, and adds three characters.

There has only been one character revealed so far from the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Super Hero DLC, and that is Gamma 2, one of the Red Ribbon Army’s “Super Heroes” that will appear in the DLC. You can check out his trailer below.

It is believed that Dr. Hedo created Gamma 2 as the second fighter for the Red Ribbon Army. His Japanese voice is provided by Mamoru Miyano.

Besides playing the role of Bedivere in Fate/Grand Order, Miyano also plays the role of Rin in Free!

In the trailer, Gamma 2 attacks Piccolo using his physical attacks and Gamma Blaster.

Moreover, Gamma 2 strikes a flamboyant pose when he activates his Android Barrier, giving him an opportunity to counter an incoming strike with his Android Barrier.

In spite of the fact that the other characters in the packs have not been confirmed, it seems pretty clear from the trailer that Gamma 1 will be joining the roster at some point.

In the trailer, we are teased with the arrival of this character. Hiroshi Kamiya is the voice actor behind the character Gamma 1.

In addition to Trafalgar Law, Kamiya also played Levi in Attack on Titan, as well as Trafalgar Law in One Piece.

In the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Super Hero DLC pack that will be released in the Fall of 2022, Gamma 2 and two other characters will be included.

At this time, there is no information on when the second pack will be released, and no date has been set for its release. Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and Google Stadia are all supported by Xenoverse 2.

Will there be a Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?

Xenoverse 2 is bursting with characters from across the Dragon Ball universe, so it’s not surprising that Bandai Namco is even pulling from Dragon Ball GT for new inclusions.

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