Discover What Hiddens Behind Email Deliverability

This article will guide you through email deliverability`s pitfalls. Find out more about a mail tester as the main way for improving not only delivery scores but also helping reach company goals.


Creating and launching a profitable and high-effective e-campaign requires paying attention to lots of processes and indicators and involving additional tools to keep them high.

One of these tools is the “SPF record generator” which helps create qualitative DNS records and guarantees you successful delivery of your email to its receivers. The more you care about the quality of delivery of your emails, the more profit you can get after running a campaign.

This article will help you realize how to be fluent in email deliverability’s pitfalls and which benefits you can get from keeping it high. We will discuss the following:

  • How the success of your campaign depends on the rate of email deliverability;
  • Bringing fruitfulness into the email campaign with a mail tester;
  • The crucial importance of SPF record generators and email deliverability ;
  • What you should know else about the pitfalls of email deliverability.

How the success of your campaign depends on the rate of email deliverability

To be a leader in lead generation means valuable experience and effective launching of campaigns in email marketing. lots of businesses chose email as a major channel of interaction with prospects starting with offering a product and finishing with thankfulness for making a purchase.

So building communicative relationships with the use of email is crucial, so you should be confident that all letters should be landed in recipients’ inboxes and that nothing can ruin them.

During the hot season, your major task is to show your proactiveness and dynamism in maintaining all email metrics at a high level. If you want to win your own “lottery ticket” for your campaign, you have to focus not only on preparing an appealing email template but also on regular spam testing, and strengthening most of the email metrics, especially email deliverability.

How is the latter term understood by marketers?

Marketing vocabulary determines “email deliverability” as criteria that show the general amount in the percentage of properly landed emails into the inboxes of your audience.

For example, you run an email marketing campaign to 5000 senders, and if all your messages (or most of them) got their destination point successfully without getting spammed, blocked, or bounced, your email deliverability score will be gained more than 98% which is considered as a good assessment.

A well-achieved score means that ESP (email service providers) identify you as a transparent sender with a good reputation, so you won`t get blacklisted and your outreach will be informed about getting your email in their inboxes.

 Bringing fruitfulness into the email campaign with a mail tester

In order to make your email deliverability and engagement rate gain their maximum rates and maintain them for all campaigns — you should have a thorough look at lots of metrics and processes that email marketing involves.

It includes monitoring your KPI, maintaining cкystal company`s reputation, a sufficient inbox rate, keeping a low bounce rate and etc. Besides, you shouldn`t forget about strengthening your sender`s transparency, responsibility, and carefulness in front of your ESPs.

So, is there any secret to optimizing and automizing all processes that include well-structured and effective strategies?

Of course, there are no secrets to these issues, but the main trick is regular testing implemented as a first step before running the email campaign. The best way to have your email tested is through trust-certified and verified channels — mails testers.

This is a tool that is responsible and responsible for bringing a company a real boost in email marketing themes. A digital market suggests a bunch of them but let`s focus on the most effective.

It is Folderly`s email deliverability testing tool that uses innovative strategies and well-structured guidelines for bringing companies fruitfulness and success. Using an email inbox tester at their site, Folderly recommends such opportunities as:

  • identifying issues connected with mail delivery;
  • assessing the rates of indicators (sender`s score, level of engagement, quality of an email template, bounce score, etc.)
  • level of email deliverability;
  • analyzing and highlighting the reasons for the spam and block problems;
  • checking contact lists and getting rid of the dangerous ones with email cleansing software.
  • providing a personal guide on solving issues and ways of improving deliverability rates.

Remember, the faster you take measures after email testing, the faster you will save your email campaign from a disaster.

So there is no place for hesitation to use testing tools. Besides, Folderly`s service is a product of b2b lead sales company Belkins that takes all top places in high-quality optimization of lead generation and enhancing email deliverability and offers its clients prospective opportunities on boosting emailing processes.

The crucial importance of SPF record generators and their peculiarities

You have to know that in order to reach your potential receiver you have to be sure that your inbox placement is managed in the right way. Email deliverability testing tools explore how good your mailbox is and which actions you`d take in order to solve its issues.

How can your mailbox be optimized and improved? First of all, your marketing specialists should put a lot of effort to develop client/company relationships.

It takes a long journey of emails focusing on engagement with your audience, so it includes clicking, responding, forwarding, liking, etc.

The better your engagement rate is, the higher you will have not only the sender`s reputation but your KPI also will grow. Additionally, don`t forget that systematic cleansing of sending lists and email warming up also boost your inbox placement score and sender`s reputation.

Also, a great impact on your emailing SPF records has as well. That is why you have to take into account how to generate it to make your DNS records work well. SPF record generator provided by Folderly ensures your emails will be successfully landed in recipients` inboxes without any spam and block troubles.

Okay, we have just figured out what should we need for improving email scores affecting the effectiveness of emailing process. Now let`s discuss more about deliverability and its trickiness.’

What you should know else about the pitfalls of email deliverability

To be curious and engaged in every email process is the pledge of getting fluent lead generation and getting profit for your email campaign. Creating your own strategy and getting acknowledged in the technology of emailing require lots of time and effort.

So, you have to build your own method of influencing your audience step-by-step and with the use of additional help such as testing instruments. But managing your inbox placement, on the opposite, required considered decisions and proactive behavior to involve new effective ways of successful deliverability.

It shouldn`t scare you because going on the email delivery road means bringing your company new fresh breath helping its growth and development.

Don`t forget to test and support your emailing with extra instruments such as the Folderly email spam testing tool. Would you like to find out about it in detail? Visit the site and get your own manager guiding you with your emailing goals!

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