Discover the Top-Rated Doctors in New York: Your Guide to Quality Healthcare

Finding the right doctor can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially in a city that brims with medical professionals like New York. But you’re not on this journey alone. We’re here to help you sift through the haystack, simplify the process, and find that perfect match for your healthcare needs. 

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” – Sir William Osler

 In keeping with Osler’s wisdom, we’ve crafted this guide to help you find not just a good, but a great doctor in New York, someone who will see you, treat you, and most importantly, understand you- 

  • Do you need a doctor who specializes in a particular field?
  • Or a physician with an impressive bedside manner?
  • Perhaps you’re looking for someone who’s adept in managing chronic conditions?

No matter what your specific requirements are, our encompassing guide will help unlock the doors to New York’s finest medical professionals. So, scroll down and let’s begin this crucial journey to your wellness together.

New York’s Top Pediatricians: Ensuring the Health of Our Future

If you are in search of the best pediatricians in New York, you’ll be genuinely pleased with these five inspiring doctors who are making breakthroughs and enhancing the quality of healthcare in their respective hospitals.

  1. Dr. Linda Arnold, associated with New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where she has proven to be a stalwart in the pediatric department. 
  2. Dr. Robert Garofalo, affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital, is renowned for his caring approach and deep concern for his young patients. 
  3. Dr. Rebecca Pellett Madan, working at Bellevue Hospital Center, is known for her comprehensive expertise in pediatric infectious diseases. 
  4. Dr. David Fagan, practicing at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, has a remarkable commitment to pediatric healthcare, especially in preventive services and health promotion. 
  5. Dr. Emily Obringer, working with New York City Children’s Hospital, is celebrated for her dedicated work in pediatric nephrology. Their unrivaled dedication and expertise have made them top choices in their field. Numerable families have put their faith in these doctors, and they’ve proven time and again why they deserve that trust—through their excellent medical guidance and compassionate patient care.

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Cardiologists in New York: Who’s Leading in Heart Health?

1. Dr. Lori Mosca at Columbia University Irving Medical Center 

2. Dr. Valentin Fuster at Mount Sinai Hospital 

3. Dr. Jeffrey Moses at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center 

4. Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum at Lenox Hill Hospital 

5. Dr. Mathew Williams at NYU Langone Health

From General Practitioners to Specialists: Navigating New York’s Medical Maze

You’re in luck! We’ve curated a list of top esteemed doctors from various fields who are making significant contributions in their respective areas. Let’s dive right into it: 

  1. Dr. Paul J. Chung – The Mount Sinai Hospital
  2. Dr. Lauren E. Streicher – Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  3. Dr. Michael D. Lockshin – Hospital for Special Surgery
  4. Dr. Marc C. Restivo – NYU Langone Health
  5. Dr. Lisa I. Iezzoni – Massachusetts General Hospital

Neurologists in New York: Exploring the Mind’s Mysteries

1. Dr. Ralph Sacco – working at the distinguished Mount Sinai Hospital

2. Dr. Laura Balcer – offering her expertise at the renown NYU Langone Health

3. Dr. Richard Mayeux – contributing to the stellar team at New York-Presbyterian Hospital

4. Dr. Claire Henchcliffe – serving patients at the well-reputed Weill Cornell Medicine

5. Dr. Matthew Fink – leading his field at the prestigious Columbia University Department of Neurosurgery.

New York’s Top ER Doctors: Masters of Crisis Management

Let’s dive into the world of emergency care – where split-second decisions can mean the difference between life and death. Here are five leading emergency room doctors working in New York: 

  • Dr. Ingrid Hohimer, known for her calm under pressure, practices at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.
  • Providing unparalleled patient care through excellent clinical skills, Dr. Myles Haynes is a key ER figure at Mount Sinai Morningside.
  • Dr. Franklin Benton, magnetizing attention by consistently delivering high-quality treatment, practices at Bellevue Hospital Center.
  • Recognition for Dr. Allison Quincy’s unflinching dedication is echoed throughout Lenox Hill Hospital.

With a proven track record in emergency medicine and patient satisfaction, Dr. Thomas Fray serves at The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

These doctors devote their lives to providing urgent care for New York’s residents and visitors, and truly are the city’s Masters of Crisis Management.

Radiologists in New York: Illuminating What’s Inside

Searching for the top-rated doctors in New York? Keep in mind, the term “best” is somewhat subjective, as it depends upon the unique needs and concerns of each patient. However, here are five physicians across various specialties, selected for their experience, expertise, and excellent patient reviews. Also mentioned are the prestigious hospitals they’re affiliated with that have played an instrumental role in their respective fields. 

  • Dr. David P. Roye Jr. – An exceedingly eminent pediatric orthopedic surgeon, affiliated with the esteemed NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital.
  • Dr. Lori Mosca – One of the top-notch cardiologists in New York, serving her patients at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center.
  • Dr. Andrew Baker – A highly respected general practitioner based at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.
  • Dr. Edward Connolly – An acclaimed neurologist and neurosurgeon at the world-renowned Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital.
  • Dr. Kami Makki – An illustrious leader in the field of emergency medicine, practicing at the prestigious North Shore University Hospital.

“Choosing the right doctor is crucial in maintaining one’s health while feeling heard, respected, and well-cared for at the same time.”

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