Digimon Survive Pre-order Bonus DLC: How To Get Guilmon Early

Digimon Survive launches on July 28, which means there’s less than a week before fans get their hands on the latest digital monsters game. Unfortunately, marketing around the game has been a little confusing for fans looking to pre-order the new Digimon game and grab the pre-order bonus Guilmon and HP Support Equipment bundle. There are different conditions for physical and digital versions of the game, and buying in a different region can also make a difference. Here’s the need-to-know info on Digimon Survive’s pre-order bonus DLC.

What is the Digimon Survive pre-order bonus?

The Digimon Survive pre-order bonus is a bundle including Guilmon and HP Support Equipment, which will give players an early boost.

However, gamers will only be able to get their hands on this bundle via pre-order in Japan. Elsewhere, it will be free launch month content.

How to get the Digimon Survive pre-order bonus in US, UK, and EU?

To get the Digimon Survive pre-order bonus Guilmon in the US, UK, and EU, players must play the game during the first month of launch.

Provided players boot up and play the game within the first month, Guilmon and the HP Support Equipment will automatically unlock in the game.

At the time of writing, the pre-order content is only confirmed for the digital version of Digimon Survive. Users who intend to purchase the game as a hard copy may not be eligible for the bonus. Publisher Bandai Namco has not yet clarified whether or not physical copy owners will get the Guilmon and HP Support Equipment bundle.

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