Digimon Survive New Game Plus: What to Do After Beating The Game

Does Digimon Survive New Game Plus exist? Well, yes! Since the game has multiple endings as well as several “bad ends,” Digimon Survive thankfully gives you the opportunity to change your mind and correct your mistakes on a second playthrough. All you need to do to access New Game Plus is to save the cleared data after the game prompts you to and load the file, marked by a green rectangle with the word “Cleared” for confirmation.

What carries over in Digimon Survive New Game Plus?

Digimon Survive New Game Plus

Here’s a list of what carries over from your prior playthrough(s):

  • Your inventory, including items and crystals
  • Your full roster of Digimon
  • All of the Digimon stats and levels, including permanent stats boots from items

On the flip side, your affinity levels toward all of your friends are reset. Your Karma on the Harmony / Wrathfulness / Moral scale is set back to zero so that you can choose a different ending path after Part 8 in the game. You’ll also need to re-equip all of the crystals to your Digimon, which is irritating but gives you the chance to reassess which crystals should go where.

What to do in Digimon Survive after beating the game

As far as what to do after beating the game, there’s plenty left to explore. First and foremost, New Game Plus unlocks the Mugen Recollection battles that you can access through the regular map menu. These fights are optional, but completing them will get you a lot of extra items that you won’t easily get near the start of the game. Most early-game crystals won’t be of much use, but any stat-boosting items will still be worth grabbing.

Then you have the ability to save any characters you might not have been able to save. In fact, the game will give you a pop-up after completing the game about how to reverse a bad end. You’ll need to make sure that you focus on getting your affinity levels as high as possible, checking in with those characters as early as you can and selecting the right dialogue choices. This will allow you to complete a “perfect” playthrough and potentially choose a different ending path.

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