Digimon Survive Best Ending: How To Get the True Ending

Given the multiple branching paths, it’s difficult to get the Digimon Survive best ending, especially on your first playthrough of the visual-novel TRPG. In order to get the true ending, or the perfect ending, you are only required to accomplish one thing over the course of the first three Parts (or chapters). This might sound confusing because the game’s Karma system that ranks your protagonist’s Moral / Harmony / Wrathfulness rating also determines which ending you get. But that actually doesn’t matter as far as the true ending is concerned.

Digimon Survive Best Ending

How to get the Digimon Survive best ending

Digimon Survive True Ending

The only way to get the true ending of the game is to save Ryo. This is easier said than done, though. To make sure that Ryo survives after the fight with Cyclonemon at end of Part 3, your Affinity Level with him needs to be high. This means that you need to side with Ryo in conversations and talk with him every chance you get after entering the Digital World. If it seems as though you didn’t get the prompt that Ryo’s affinity level has gone up in a one-on-one talk with him, it’s worth loading your last save or the game’s auto-save just to double-check. We’re not sure what the threshold is exactly, but in our second playthrough of the game with New Game Plus, we reached about 50 points with Ryo before the battle with Cyclonemon in order to rescue him.

The reason we say that saving Ryo may not be possible on the first playthrough is because we believe affinity level growth is increased in New Game Plus. (It’s also difficult because Ryo is pretty much a jerk from the get go.) But at any rate, keeping Ryo alive is the only method to lock the story toward the True or Perfect route. After you finish the game for the first time, it even gives you a pop-up telling you that it’s possible to save Ryo if that didn’t happen already.

Usually, after Part 8 of the game, you need 25 points in the Moral / Harmony / Wrathfulness scale to unlock those three separate endings. But if you’re on the True path, you don’t need to worry about this at all. The plot will automatically lock you toward the True ending if Ryo is still around. We won’t spoil what happens after you save Ryo, but let’s just say that you get a deeper, more thorough explanation of what is happening in the game.

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