Destiny 2: Can You Change Gender or Body Type in 2022

Five years after launch, players are still trying to determine if they can change their gender in Destiny 2. Most games with character customization these days allow you to make changes later. So, one would think that in 2022, Bungie would have put in a way for you to change your character in Destiny 2 to a male, female, or non-binary.

Can you change gender in Destiny 2 in 2022?

Destiny 2 Character Customization Screen

Unfortunately, once you’ve completed character creation in Destiny 2, you can’t change your gender. In fact, since Update was released on November 10, 2020, genders have been replaced by body types. So now, you have the choice between picking a masculine or feminine body. Unfortunately, that too remains unchangeable after you start the game.

Character recustomization has been one of the most requested features since Destiny 2 launched, but it’s still not in the game. Bungie had talked previously about improving face models for future customization possibilities and those launched alongside the Beyond Light expansion. However, we haven’t seen any updates since then, and it doesn’t seem like a priority for the developers.

The only solution if you want to change your gender in Destiny 2, is to start a new character. There are three save slots, and you can delete a character if you need.. If this is the course you decide to take, we recommend doing it shortly before or after an expansion releases. That way, your new character will get pumped up to the new minimum power level when the campaign drops.

We haven’t seen any comment from Bungie explaining why being able to change body types isn’t possible. There may be a technical reason for it, but we don’t see what that could be. There’s no body customization, so there are just two variables to choose from, masculine and feminine. It seems like it’d be pretty simple to just let you return to the character creation screen by talking to an NPC or something.

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