Chicago Med Not on Netflix: Where Can I Watch It in 2022?

Many loyal Chicago Med viewers will be really disappointed to hear that Netflix removed the medical drama from their streaming services on July 21. As to be expected, many enthusiasts are eager to find out an alternative way to watch the series. Here is where Chicago Med can be viewed.

Where can I watch Chicago Med in 2022?

Chicago Med can be watched on Hulu Live and Peacock for US viewers.

For viewers who would like to watch all three Chicago shows, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD, Peacock should be your streaming service of choice, as it allows you to have all three series under one roof for extra convenience, and extra money-saving.

Why has Chicago Med been removed from Netflix?

Chicago Med was likely removed from Netflix because the licensing deal had come to an end.

Netflix licenses a number of shows for its platform. These contracts dictate a period of time that Netflix can host the show. Sometimes contracts are renewed and the content remains available, while at other times the contracts expire and the shows are removed. Once removed, these shows are often moved to another streaming service.

With many streaming services now vying for attention, competition has grown fierce between them and content is now more spread out than it has ever been before. Entertainment enthusiasts are under constant pressure to sign up for a new service to watch their favorite shows, including Chicago Med.

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