Can You Play Fortnite Save the World on Switch?

Playing Fortnite Save the World on a Nintendo Switch would give players the chance to experience the PvE mode both on the go when in portable mode and also at home when it the docked state. While it’s widely known that the PvP Battle Royale portion of the game is fully supported by the Switch, The Save the World segment is much more mysterious. Here’s the definitive answer on whether or not users can play Fortnite Save the World on Switch.

Can I play Fortnite Save the World on Nintendo Switch?

No, you can’t play Fortnite Save the World on Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite Save the World can only be played on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. It can’t be played on Switch, iPhone, or Android.

While this will be disappointing to learn for a lot of Switch owners, as the PvE mode can certainly be fun, many fans agree that the Battle Royale portion is the main attraction.

Epic Games hasn’t rolled out as much content or improvements to the Save the World mode, probably because it doesn’t receive as much attention compared to the internationally-renowned Battle Royale.

Of course, should Epic Games decide that Save the World should be on more platforms, then the Nintendo Switch is most likely to be the next supported system. It’s still a capable bit of kit that should surely run the PvE mode, what with how it can manage the huge island full of players in PvP.

Stay tuned for any news on that front, as GameRevolution will be quick to report on it.

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