Best Dinkum Mods in August 2022

The best Dinkum mods are mostly quality of life improvements at this point. The game just launched into early access, but it’s gaining a dedicated community, some of whom are starting to mod the game. So, don’t expect any massive changes yet.

Best Dinkum Mods List

Most (if not all) of the Dinkum mods currently available are located on NexusMods. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have Steam Workshop support yet, so you’ll have to lean on third-party solutions for now.

Value Tooltip

This mod is extremely simple but is an excellent quality of life improvement. It just adds a tooltip to items that show their value. So now you can know how much you can sell them for in your inventory.


AutoPickup is another straightforward add-on to the game that is extremely helpful. Basically, it just vacuums up any items near you. You can even fine-tune it in-game by changing the distance and refresh settings.

Museum Tooltip

This mod makes it easy to see if you’ve donated an item to the museum. Just hover over it, and you’ll see a checkmark and text if you’ve donated it. All that extra time it would take to go in your Pedia and check really adds up to quite a bit of savings.

Time Management

The lite version of this mod just adds the ability to pause the passage of time by opening your journal. Upgrading to the full version lets you pause with a hotkey or change the rate at which times. Unfortunately, it has some limitations. The mod only affects the passage of time, so if any enemies are nearby, they may still attack you.

Infinite Wheelbarrow

If you’re tired of having to fill the wheelbarrow with dirt, this mod is a lifesaver. Just throw one shovelful of soil into the wheelbarrow, and it’ll allow you to take the dirt out forever. Then, if you want to change soil types, just shovel a new kind of dirt in, and you’re good to go.

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