Best Cloud Call Center Platforms


A Cloud Call Center is a place where a group of people makes and handle conversations over the phone with potential or existing customers of a certain service or product. These call centers allow the employees to make outgoing calls and handle incoming calls. They also do management of workforce performance and call metrics tracking as well. These conversations made by a cloud call center platform are also done over popular social media platforms, over chat conversations, exchanging emails and phone calls. There are basically two types but today we are going to talk about the ones that are cloud based.


This platform is cloud-based contact center that packs a lot of features like Fax, SMS, Voice and other communication technologies for a cloud call center platform. You only need a good internet connection and a simple web browser to gain access to ICTDialer. This cloud platform helps you boost your interactions and marketing with your existing and future customers using its features and technology.

It offers features to handle dynamic, inbound and outbound calls and offers other services like SMS, FAX, IVR, WEB RTC, DNC, AMD, IVR Studio etc. This platform is a good choice for all cloud contact center service needs.


This platform is known for its seamless integration in services and omnichannel routing services. This website provides you with ten free agents and their basic plan for services starts at a minimal cost of 15$ per user, per month. It also offers a premium subscription for an increased fee and more features.

This platform helps you in automatic routing of calls. This service allows you to offer seamless customer support at any time which takes help of voice bot tech and IVR. This platform provides you with in depth data of performance of your call center that is gathered in real time.

8×8 Virtual Call Centre

This platform is known for providing services to freelancers and businesses of all scales. This website offers a total of three pricing schemes. Each plan has an increasing price and features that come with it. The pro plan costs about 50$ each month and the Ultimate plan costs about 75$ for each user every month.

This service helps you handle outbound and inbound calls. It is packed with a lot of features that work well for its users. It supports skill-based routing, queued calls, IVR, emails services, inbound chat service, social channels and many more. It has the feature that displays real time reports of the call center that also include social channels and speech analytics.

CloudTalk Business Phone System

This platform provides flexible services for large scale businesses and small-scale businesses. This website offers three plans and also offers customized plans. They also offer long term plans at a thirty percent discount. This service is built for customer and sales, by helping them dial faster and crack more deals in their community, they also offer automating the process of dialing. It offers full access to online dashboards and mobile apps.

This platform has a lot of features like text messages with the help of templates, click and call service, smart dial feature, surveys and scripts. It has over fifty integrations with the CRM, and offers numbers from over 70 different countries with a toll-free option.

Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software

This platform is well suited for large scale to small scale businesses as it has flexible plans that suit all the preferences. The price of services of this platform is purely based on the features, usage and the number of seats. It has both monthly and yearly plans that can be quoted for pricing details.

This service comes with an outbound, inbound and common platform service and is also packed with administrative features and can very well be integrated with a certain CRM. It provides outbound dialing with inbound distrust of calls and solution blended services.


We have discussed many major cloud call centres. After reading this article you can easily compare them and choose according to your preferences. These platforms primarily rely on cloud-based services and offer a lot of services and features such as calls over the web and call conferencing. Some of these services are free and some require a fee. Hope this article has helped you choose a perfect cloud-based call center platform according to your needs and preferences.


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