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If you’re looking to become an insider in today’s fast-paced world and gain an edge on your competition, you need to be ahead of the curve. You need to be involved in all things creative marketing and branding. Asia Media Studio is a creative media branding and design services company based in Bangkok, Thailand. They have successfully designed brands for years as an established graphic design agency. Their approach to brand development and creative development is always to stay innovative and on the cutting edge of trends. Their goal at Asia Media Studio is to deliver the best strategic solutions that meet their client’s business needs with creativity and execution excellence.

Asia Media Studio has been awarded many times for its outstanding work in print and digital branding, packaging designs, corporate identity, websites, and much more.

What Makes Them Different?

At its core, a brand is a set of emotions. Whether it be a product, a company, or a community, your brand will always impact the people who consume it. Whether it be positive or negative, the people will respond to that. With the introduction of social media and related platforms, brand equity has become even more crucial to the success of a business. The more people your brand impacts, the stronger your brand will be. To achieve brand equity, you must create content that engages, excites, and in some cases, angers your target market. You must create content that affects them in both immediate and long-term ways. If your brand is a product, you must know the ins and outs of pushing the product out of the door and into customers’ hands. You must know the ins and outs of marketing the product to make it successful in the marketplace. You must know how to create ads relevant to your target market while resonating with your broader audience. You must know how to create ads that create a healthy conversation within and outside your target market.

Asia Media Studio – Their Services


They specialize in branding concepts for trade show booths and packaging design for product launches. They maintain a strong focus on strategy to drive sales, create value for consumers, and influence the industry.

Asia Media Studio provide branding and packaging services for clients ranging from major corporations, product companies, and start-ups to small manufacturing operations as a branding agency.

Web design services

Web design is the language of your website. Catchy copy and cool graphics get you only so far. Your website’s design has to be well-thought-out, functional, and powerful.

This has become especially true in the Asian market, where there is an incredible diversity in language, culture, literacy levels, and average income levels. Their designers have been trained to understand the specific challenges a website designer faces.

Digital marketing

They have a team of dedicated staff who are experts at researching, testing, and executing digital marketing campaigns globally.

Asia Media Studio’ services encompass SEO, PPC (search engine optimization), email marketing, social media, and website performance optimization. They also are a Social media agency services that offer management of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Print design

Asia Media Studio produce print designs that are beautiful and effective, from packaging to advertising posters. Their services also include print production management, making us a one-stop-shop for all your printing needs.

The modern business owner wants to be as present as possible in their business world. They want to be on the cutting edge of new technologies and be ahead of the curve with their marketing strategies. Although social media may seem like a threat to traditional marketing and branding methods, it is a great opportunity to reach new customers and expand your reach.

Contact Information

Asia Media Studio Co., Ltd.

Address: 18/8 Fico Building, 7th Floor, Sukhumvit 21, Bangkok, Thailand

Phone Number: 02 663 5930

Email Address: [email protected]


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