Ark 2 Switch Release Date: Is It Coming to the Nintendo Console?

Now that Ark 2 has been revealed and confirmed to be coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S, many are wondering what other platforms the sequel will be launching on. With the original Ark: Survival Evolved making its way to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, some are hoping that the new Ark game will also be supported by these platforms. Here’s the need-to-know info on a potential Ark 2 Switch release date and whether or not users of the Nintendo console should give up hope.

Is there an Ark 2 Switch release date?

Ark 2 Switch Release Date

An Ark 2 Switch release date hasn’t yet been announced.

At the time of writing, only PC and Xbox Series X have been confirmed as platforms that Ark 2 will be coming to. There has been no word on PlayStation consoles and Nintendo systems have also been absent from any announcements.

While it’s easy to imagine Ark 2 eventually launching for PS5, as it has a similar level of performance to Xbox Series X|S, thinking about the sequel running on Nintendo Switch is more of a challenge. With Switch hardware continuing to age without being refreshed, and with the original Ark: Survival Evolved already plagued with performance issues that made the Switch version tough to play, it’s difficult to imagine Ark 2 coming to Switch.

With that said, as the first game came to Switch, it’s possible that the sequel might also. This would be much easier to imagine if Nintendo was to release the Switch Pro that has been rumored for years now.

We’ll provide more details about any Ark 2 Switch news as and when it’s revealed.

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