Apple Will Release IPhone 14 On September 7

(CTN News) – Bloomberg reported that Apple plans to reveal the iPhone 14 series at its next product launch event on September 7.

Apple traditionally holds its big launches on a Tuesday, so many people expected it to be September 6 or 13.

According to CNET, Apple leaders told employees to expect a release on September 16.

A splashy presentation from Apple’s Cupertino headquarters typically introduces the company’s new products.

At the event, we will probably see the new iPhones, the Apple Watch, the new iPads, the new Mac computers, as well as the new AirPods.

iPhone 14 price will likely be $100 more than the iPhone 13

iPhone 14

iPhone 14

According to a research note, the iPhone 14 price will likely be $100 more than the iPhone 13, as the materials used to build the device have become more costly.

A tech analyst at TF International Securities in Hong Kong predicted the new iPhone would cost 15 percent more than the iPhone 13.

According to rumors, the iPhone 14 will have a new camera system. According to Bloomberg, the phone will also have better video recording capabilities and a longer battery life.

iPhone 14 will feature enhanced camera technology (48-megapixel), while Pro models will have the innovative A16 chip as more consumers make the switch to Pro.

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