Apple Watch Series 8 Will Feature A Temperature Sensor And Crash Detection

(CTN News) _ Apple Watch has unveiled its latest wearable, the Apple Watch Series 8. Apple says it “takes its commitment to women’s health even further” by including a new temperature sensor.

 Two new motion sensors are also included in the Series 8 to detect severe car accidents. On September 16th, it will be available for $399 for the GPS model and $499 for the cellular model.

According to the company, it can detect even the smallest temperature changes and checks your temperature every five seconds.

 Tracking your body temperature overnight can help you gain insights into your ovulation cycle, which can be used to enhance the watch’s cycle tracking feature.

 After Roe v. Wade was repealed, anyone tracking their cycles must consider encryption on the watch itself.

The company also says that anyone using Cycle Tracking will now get a warning when their period is irregular, which could indicate that there is an “underlying health condition.”.

According to the company, the crash detection feature will only run when you’re driving, extending the battery’s life by 18 hours. A low-power mode will extend the watch’s battery life to 36 hours.

As long as they run watchOS 9, older watches will also receive the feature starting with the Series 4. Activating this mode will disable the always-on display and auto-workout tracking, but you will still be able to track your activity and detect crashes.

The Series 8 and older watches will also have cellular roaming.

In last year’s Series 7, the screen size was slightly increased (but flat sides weren’t introduced as rumors suggested).

In addition to the redesign, the device was only updated with a few new features: faster charging, improved durability, and a few new colors.

Series 8 aluminum comes in four colors: midnight, starlight, silver, and red; stainless steel comes in silver, gold, and graphite.

Series 8 of the Apple Watch faces a lot of competition. With the Sense 2, Inspire 3, and Versa 4, Fitbit’s smartwatch lineup has been revamped. The latest generation of Garmin smartwatches has also received high marks from reviewers.

 While the Pixel Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch aren’t really competing for iPhone users’ wrists, it’s always interesting to see how Apple’s wearable compares to the flagship Android devices.

How much will the Apple Watch 7 cost?

Pricing on the  Watch Series 7 starts at $399, while the Apple Watch SE starts at $279. Apple is also continuing to sell the Apple Watch Series 3 starting at $199.29-Aug-2022

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