Apex Legends Self-Revive Removed: Will It Ever Come Back?

The ability to self-revive in Apex Legends could help players out of many a tight situation, but Respawn revealed this ability would be removed from the gold-colored Legendary Knockdown Shield at the start of Season 14. Will the controversial self-revive ability ever return to Apex Legends?

Will self-revive ever come back to Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Self-Revive Removed

Respawn has not said whether the self-revive ability will ever return to Apex Legends, but its inclusion had caused controversy amongst players. Downed players could use the ability to bring themselves back into the fight rather than waiting for a teammate to help. This meant many were having to worry about killing all of the players they downed rather than leaving them and moving on. Matches were often won by players who had the ability to self-revive, something that caused consternation amongst the ranked community. As such, players had been asking for the ability to be removed from the game for quite some time and they got their wish at the start of Season 14.

Self-revive was removed from Apex Legends on August 9 with the title update that accompanied the start of Season 14. As the shield’s ability was changed rather than being vaulted, this means self-revive has been removed from the game altogether. The ability was attached to the Legendary Knockdown Shield, but that item has now got the Guardian Angel ability that revives players whose health has been reduced by half. The Guardian Angel ability was originally attached to the Gold Backpack; this now has the Deep-Pockets ability where players can carry additional Medkits, Shield batteries, and Phoenix Kits.

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