Agape – More ‘almost Impossible’ Challenges For Wordle

Some Wordle players have encountered frustration because they were unfamiliar with the word ‘agape’ and were therefore unable to solve Wordle 383 because of this. 

The Wordle challenges of the past few weeks have been centered around words such as pinto, gawky, droll, and brink, all of which have stumped fans of Wordle previously. However, this most recent challenge is so tricky that the word has now begun trending on social media because fans struggled to solve it.

On July 7, Wordle fans were challenged with the word ‘agape’ in challenge 383 of Wordle. There have been complaints from angry fans that this word is too difficult to solve since it is unfamiliar and not commonly used. Additionally, many fans have reported losing streaks due to this word, and some even swear off the game altogether.

One Wordle player found the word ‘agape’ difficult to guess, but managed to guess it on the sixth try. It is impossible for Wordle 383 to make a 6/6 agape, the player said.

A player who solved the word but struggled with it because it’s not often used in day-to-day conversation said, “Blimey! It’s not a word with much meaning in common parlance. Wordle 383 4/6.”.

The player with the impressive score, who put it down to dumb luck, commented “#wordle 383 2/6 not actually sure how I guessed this. It’s not a common word…”.

As a result, many of the players focused on the fact that they had been increasing their winning streak up until the moment they were faced with this unique challenge, and as a result, they have consequently ruined their impressive streak of victories.

One player said, “It has been 130 days since I last played. With that, I don’t feel like playing anymore. I’ll see if I still feel the same tomorrow. #Wordle383 Wordle 383 X/6,” said the player.

One of the fans, who was very close to being the first to reach a 100-day streak, said, “Wordle 383 X/6 97 win streak over!”.

There is no doubt that I have begun a losing streak. Wordle 383 X/6* is what I say,” said another fan.


This word proved to be a challenge for many players since they did not have any prior exposure to it. Don’t worry if you were one of these players – you are not alone!ry if you were one of them! 

An individual’s mouth is referred to as wide open when they are using the word ‘agape’. It could be said that he watched with agape, mouth wide open, with excitement in his eyes. This term is defined as follows in the Cambridge dictionary: “(of a person) showing surprise or shock by opening their mouth wide; (of the mouth) showing surprise or shock by opening their mouth wide.”

There are a number of Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks you can use to help you boost your scores if you struggled to find the right solution to this challenge and you are hoping to improve. If you feel like you need a different type of challenge to challenge you, there are also a number of wordle alternatives you can try. 

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