7 Unique Advertising Strategies To Try In 2022

Are you looking to change up your advertising strategy? Click here for seven unique advertising strategies that you should give a try in 2022.

Did you know that 3 in 5 small businesses in the United States have raised prices over the past year?

Inflation and supply issues are leading to these rising costs, but many companies are struggling to retain customers.

If you don’t want to see your sales decline, you should focus your time on marketing.

Continue reading to discover some of the most effective and unique advertising strategies you can try!

1. Sponsor a Quiz

One of the most engaging and unique advertising strategies to try is to sponsor a quiz.

You can sponsor a quiz on Buzzfeed or other quiz sites where people spend hours scrolling through.

If your business sells skincare products or food, for example, you can have people take a quiz to see “which item they are.” If your audience can connect with your business, it’s easier to land sales and increase online traffic.

As you create your quiz, you’ll want to incorporate details outside of your business. When people encounter quizzes that are only meant for advertising, it becomes difficult for them to make a connection. Following trends and pop culture can ensure that your quizzes are relevant.

2. Use Nature

If you are looking for clever marketing ideas, you should look around your environment.

When the sunset looks perfect near a billboard or people pass a sidewalk each day, you can turn it into an opportunity.

Businesses are creating funny and unique ads that incorporate the landscape and scenery around them.

One funny example of this is an Italian company that made it look like a person was slurping pasta on the outside of the ship.

The “pasta,” was the rope from the anchor. This clever idea catches people’s attention quickly and can even get some to laugh or smile.

The sun, trees, and water have also been highlighted on billboards. Companies cut parts of the display out so people can enjoy the view while discovering their products and services.

3. Optimize Search Engine Opportunities

If you’re debating between SEA vs SEO tactics, you should understand that they work together.

Search engine advertising helps give businesses feedback about the keywords used in marketing.

This info helps businesses determine what customers are most interested in. Ultimately ensuring that their marketing efforts can be successful in the long run.

Search engine optimization differs in that it is a variety of methods utilizing the keywords. These keywords and tactics increase a business’s ranking on search engines to increase viewers on its site.

4. Design Coupon Books

If you are looking for effective company advertising tactics, you should design coupon books.

When customers can get a deal on products and not pay full price, they are more inclined to make the purchase.

Coupon books must make sense for your company. You need to find a balance between attracting potential customers and making money when they visit.

A smart way to control your coupon booklet is by only allowing one coupon per purchase. You can also put specified dates when the coupons are valid.

5. Make People Laugh

If you want to find uplifting advertising ideas, you shouldn’t be afraid to use humor.

Funny and creative ads can get people to smile and laugh. This is a positive association they will make with your brand and could lead to an increase in sales.

Think about your target audience when you create your humorous ads and do your best to not include offensive content.

When customers can relate to your product or services funnily, it will also create an inside joke.

Puns and dad jokes are also fun and inviting. Many brands are using these uplifting ways to advertise since there has been so much tragedy recently.

6. Cuteness Overload Tactics

No matter what product or service is being marketed, it’s difficult to overlook a cute billboard of puppies or smiling babies.

Cute additions of animals and children can make people smile and keep their attention longer.

Instead of flipping past your ad in a magazine or scrolling by it online, they will want to take a closer look. You can cleverly market your products by utilizing cute features and appealing to people’s hearts.

Videos and images are powerful tools for advertising. Cruelty-free and vegan companies often use this method to help people recognize how innocent animals are.

7. Reach Outside the Limits

Are you interested in renting a billboard and want to develop a creative ad?

Don’t be afraid to reach outside your limits and go big. Companies frequently do this with billboards since they can quickly make a statement.

An example of this was when the show “Law & Order” advertised a man getting questioned by the police. The light that was hanging over the billboard was designed to look like they were placing the spotlight on the suspect.

Fast food restaurants are also known for using this strategy. They often use vertical billboards to advertise their tasty fries and have them poking out the top.

Which Advertising Strategies Will You Try?

Many advertising strategies can help you grow your company, but you’ve got to be creative.

Thoughtless ads won’t get the attention they deserve and you might be missing the mark with your target audience.

Once you identify who you are marketing to, it becomes simpler to find unique ways to connect.

With a sense of humor and creativity, you can impress customers and make them want to learn more about your company.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and combine various methods to find the ultimate solution.

Make sure you read our blog for more info about the newest types of advertising and how to increase sales!

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