6 Reasons Why You Should Have Own Matebook

Everyone ought to have their very own portable computer. Back in the early days of the personal computer revolution, matebooks were bulky and heavy.

Additionally, the performance sacrifices that had to be made in comparison to a desktop system made them a specialized type of computer that was only used by people who were frequently on the road for business.

However, since those times, a lot has changed, and now matebook d15 is the ideal computing option in many respects; it is important to remember that. Here are six compelling reasons in favor of purchasing a matebook rather than a desktop computer as your next machine.

  1. Better resale value

The resale value of desktop personal computers is low, whereas the value of matebooks is significantly higher.

Whether you have a PC or a Mac, even old and obsolete matebooks in good condition are still worth some portion of their original value.

On the other hand, desktop computers typically lose their resale value much more quickly and end up having no value at all.

  1. Portable

When we say “portable,” we are not necessarily referring to the act of going to a coffee shop like Starbucks and working on your matebook while using the free wifi there (although you could).

Simply being able to move the computer to a different location within the same building is one definition of portability for a computer.

Things that you just can’t do with a desktop PC and that are hampered by the small size of a tablet or phone are things like watching movies while lying in bed, being productive while enjoying a cup of coffee in the kitchen, or vegging out on the couch while playing a game.

  1. A space-saving device

When you have a matebook, one of the major joys of owning one is recognizing how much space you have just reclaimed when you set up a work area on your computer desk to accommodate the matebook.

You are only left with the matebook and perhaps an external mouse and pad, along with a large amount of newly available space on your desk. The vast majority of matebooks are manufactured with the intention of using a predetermined collection of hardware components.

These matebooks are then designed and sourced accordingly. For instance, a certain brand and type of matebook computer will typically be constructed around the same components, which means that there is no room for speculation regarding whether or not those components will perform together as a unit.

When running on a standardized set of hardware, operating software like Windows or Linux, which is designed to work on a wide variety of computer components, will experience fewer conflicts and problems overall.

  1. Energy-saver

Desktop computers consume a great deal more power than matebooks do. A matebook has a significantly smaller energy footprint than a desktop computer does, which is beneficial whether you’re worried about the environment or just want to keep your monthly electric bill within manageable bounds.

  1. More ergonomic keyboards

Keyboards for matebooks typically have a shallow shape with a spring that resembles scissors beneath. Your typing speed will almost immediately pick up as you use this feature.

In comparison to the incredibly user-friendly keys on a matebook, using a desktop keyboard after having used a portable keyboard for some time can feel archaic and cumbersome.

Additionally, there is a built-in wrist rest in the area where the trackpad is located, making it ergonomically sound in that regard as well.

  1. Better screen

Displays used in matebooks tend to be of the absolute greatest quality, and the LCD screen found on a matebook is almost always of a far higher caliber than the LCD monitor found in a desktop computer.

The colors appear to be more accurate, there is less “fuzziness” in the gradients, and the picture is clearer. With today’s matebooks being more portable than ever before in terms of size and weight, you can take your computer virtually everywhere.

Because of this, you will almost always have it nearby, even if you didn’t intend to use it, which will make it much simpler for you to put it to use.


There has never been a time when matebooks made more sense as a primary computer rather than just as a backup computer for people who frequently travel. Get that matebook; it’s time to get to work. You’ll be happy you did.

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