5 Popular Marketing Apps For Real Estate Agents

Technology has flattened the world, broken down barriers, and made communication faster.

Technology has also transformed marketing, and real estate agents are at the forefront of this change.

Marketing applications are incredibly effective in reaching and connecting with more people.

Here are five popular platforms for real estate agents that will help you sell more homes today.

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is a platform that helps customize postcards. Wise Pelican allows agents to reach people most interested in purchasing homes.

Wise Pelican offers a variety of templates and graphics that helps real estate agents to send postcards customized just for their clients.

Additionally, Wise Pelican offers a list builder that enables agents to expand their email lists and gather prospective buyers’ email addresses. The upsides of Wise Pelican are that it is cost-friendly, and you don’t have to store your address list.

The platform also has a mail tracking campaign, which allows the agent to know if your postcard is delivered or not.

The best part about Wise Pelican is the templates and content that are all hand-picked, which shows the quality and has a great look and feel.

The automated seller valuation templates are also effective in attracting buyers. The downsides of Wise Pelican include the price, which is 77 cents per card.

Some agents might find it a bit pricey for marketing purposes, but for agents who are serious about their business and want to improve their sales, Sellers may find it hard to use the platform on mobile sites.

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow connects agents with potential buyers and sellers. Zillow Premier Agent offers a variety of features such as home browsing, price alerts, and real estate news.

The best thing about Zillow Premier Agent is that it allows agents to showcase their properties to hundreds of thousands of customers through the Zillow homepage.

One of the best real estate websites is Zillow Premier Agent because it links buyers and sellers.

The platform also offers listings, virtual tours, and floor plans, which offer real estate agents easy-to-use marketing tools that reach more potential clients.

When selling your home, Zillow is also well known for being very trustworthy and accurate.

Zillow Premier Agent is an excellent platform for renters looking to buy a home, and the prices are reasonable.

The downsides of Zillow premier agent include the fact that the platform has a monthly fee, and you can’t upload your images.

This can be frustrating for some agents, especially when marketing a property.

Zillow Premier Agent also doesn’t allow you to enter your listings, which can be frustrating for real estate agents trying to build their business.


BombBomb is a great way to create video marketing content for your real estate business.

Using BombBomb is quick, simple, and cost-effective because it offers a variety of templates and tools that help real estate agents to produce high-quality videos.

Some of the templates that BombBomb offers include thank your videos, restaurant reviews, and YouTube trailers.

The platform also allows users to create custom teleprompters. The best part about BombBomb is that it’s easy to use in terms of creating videos for your business.

You can then share videos on YouTube, Facebook, and your website. BombBomb can be more cost-effective than other platforms because it charges you a one-time fee of 29 cents for every video you create.

The downsides of BombBomb include the fact that it doesn’t offer a list builder, which means that your email list will be small.

Additionally, in order to use tools like the messaging feature or message templates, you must create an account.

Also, list builder isn’t integrated into the email system or homepage, so you can’t build your list from there.


Zoom is a video calling platform that allows users to connect for free. Zoom also offers screen sharing, desktop sharing, and webinar recording services.

Using Zoom is helpful because you can use it to speak with potential clients remotely.

Agents can use Zoom to save them the trouble of traveling to meet clients while they are still out of town or on a business trip.

Zoom helps agents to document their listings. Zoom offers 3D renderings, 360-degree virtual tours, and video content creation.

To effectively showcase properties on your website, agents can use Zoom to create virtual tours.

The best part about using Zoom is that it’s a great way for prospects to chat and learn more about your products and services.

The call recording is another useful resource available to agents. It’s ideal for agents who want to listen back on their conversations with prospects about their listings.

Its lack of a marketing-focused design is one of Zoom’s drawbacks.

Zoom is mainly designed for business conversations and conferences with clients, but it can also be used to market your properties. There is also a small learning curve when it comes to using Zoom.


MailChimp is free and allows users to keep track of their emails and lists. You can send emails and customize lists based on your preferences using MailChimp.

MailChimp allows agents to create an email database of customers and clients. MailChimp enables agents to create email marketing campaigns, which is great for sending out special offers and promotions.

Email is the best way for real estate agents to connect with clients using MailChimp.

It’s straightforward to create an email template and send emails to clients, which can be a great way to connect with people while looking at homes.

Additionally, agents can use MailChimp’s email crawler, which displays emails that are frequently opened and have a high open rate.

MailChimp is beneficial for managing an email database.

The platform also offers a virtual assistant service that lets users send personalized emails based on their needs.

Making expert email marketing content with MailChimp is helpful.

The downsides of MailChimp include the fact that you have to pay for list management and automation, which can be expensive for some agents.

Some users might find it challenging to figure out how to use MailChimp, especially when customizing their lists.

Users also need a link or a button if they want people to subscribe to their email list.


Providing agents with the most efficient and cost-effective marketing tools is what makes a marketing app the best.

It would be best if you did your research to find the platform or app with all the features you need and can afford.

It’s important to remember that our primary focus as real estate agents should be on selling homes and not spending time on marketing tools, so it’s essential to choose an app to help you achieve this goal.

The above are just a few best marketing applications to help you create a digital marketing strategy for your business.

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