2022 LEXUS LM: Is It Worth Buying? This Will Help You Decide!

Lexus is a brand name that most Indonesian automotive enthusiasts are familiar with. Lexus is a high-end automobile brand that is under the auspices of Toyota. Lexus is known for producing a variety of luxury car models, including the Lexus LM.

The Lexus LM 2022 is the Toyota Alphard’s sibling. The Lexus LM, which fills the Premium Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) sector in Indonesia, is a popular vehicle in the country.

Lexus LM variants and prices

In Indonesia, the Lexus LM 2021-2022 is available in two versions: The Lexus LM 350 7 Seat and the Lexus LM 350 4 Seat. The two models of the Lexus LM automobile have a sumptuous interior and are packed with different technological amenities in addition to having an attractive outward style.

When it comes to pricing, the Lexus LM is a steal. The LM 350 4-SEATER is the most affordable type, costing IDR 2.40 billion, while the LM 350 7-SEATER is the most expensive, costing IDR 3,04 billion.

Lexus LM Exterior Design

The Lexus LM 350 has a sleek, sophisticated, and attractive external design. A wide spindle grille with chrome highlights emphasizes the Lexus LM’s luxury appearance.

Dimensions and Capacity of the Lexus LM

The Lexus LM has a huge body for an MPV vehicle. Because of its big body, this car can provide its passengers with a more flexible cabin area.

  • W x L x H (5,040mm x 1,850mm x 1,895mm)
  • Wheelbase 3,000 mm

Lexus LM Interior

The Lexus LM’s interior is as exquisite as its exterior. The interior of this Lexus LM vehicle is beautiful and sophisticated. Not only that but the cabin of this MPV car is packed with sophisticated amenities. The head and legroom are designed to be wider, similar to the cabin space on a first-class airline, for the Lexus LM 350 4 Seater in particular. Second-row seats are likewise fitted with cooling and heating and feature the special captain seat layout.
All Lexus LM models come with a 14-litre cooling box to provide additional comfort for the passengers. Furthermore, the Lexus LM interior is said to be more soundproof since all of the glass has been treated with double layer anti-noise technology, which effectively lowers outside noise.

Features of the 2022 Lexus LM

Consumers anticipate a lot from this Lexus LM vehicle, given the costly price. The Lexus LM is equipped with a number of innovative systems that help to ensure the comfort and safety of its occupants while driving.

The Lexus LM vehicle comes with Antilock Braking System, Brake Assist, and Electronic Brake Distribution as active safety measures. Parking Sensor, Rearview Camera, Hill Start Assist, and Vehicle Stability Control are among the additional features.

The Lexus LM has a Complete Surround Airbag System, Adjustable Seatbelts, Child Safety Locks, and ISOFIX seat configurations as passive safety measures. Engine Immobilizer and Anti-Theft Alarm System are among the safety features.
The Lexus LM comes with a huge touch screen head unit that includes a USB port, iPod playback function, AUX-In, AM/FM radio, DVD player, and Bluetooth. Furthermore, there is a navigation system. Mark Levinson’s 17 speakers contribute to this infotainment feature.

Engine and Performance

The suspension is what sets the Lexus LM350 apart from other cars. The LM350 was designed with the newest suspension technology, specifically Swing Valve Shock Absorbers, revolutionary technology with ultra-low velocity valve as a world-first technology, to increase driving comfort for both the driver and passengers.

Lexus LM Driving Performance

The Lexus LM is powered by a V6 meaning 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3,500 ccs (equal to 3.5 litres) as its mechanical heart. This machine has Direct Injection and an automated transmission with eight speeds. This car does come with a hybrid powertrain option, but it is currently unavailable in Indonesia.

The Lexus LM’s engine is capable of producing 297 horsepower and 361 pound-feet of torque. The capacity to accelerate is also extremely impressive. This vehicle can achieve 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds. The maximum speed is 180 kilometres per hour.

The Lexus LM is fitted with MacPherson Strut front suspension and Double Wishbone rear suspension, in addition to a reliable engine. Both of these suspensions use a swing valve shock design to absorb vibrations more effectively than their competitors, according to the manufacturers.

Driving Comfort 2022 Lexus LM

The Lexus LM is fitted with numerous elements that support driving comfort in order to provide improved driving comfort for its customers. The steering wheel on this car already features a Tilt & Telescopic feature, allowing the driver to change the position of the steering wheel to their body posture.

In addition, the Lexus LM vehicle offers keyless entry technologies such as the Engine Start/Stop Button and SMART Keyless Go to make it easier to use. Interestingly, this particular vehicle is also fitted with Cruise Control.

Lexus LM Fuel Consumption

This Lexus LM offers a normal degree of fuel efficiency when it comes to fuel consumption. Not too lavish, but also not too frugal. This MPV automobile is said to be able to travel 100 kilometres on an average of 6.4 gallons of fuel. This means the Lexus LM can travel 15.6 kilometres on a single litre of gasoline.

Final Thoughts

As a Luxury MPV based on the Toyota Alphard, this 2022 Lexus LM350 comes with a more complete appearance and various supporting features to provide leading-edge driving comfort and safety. Overall, the Lexus LM is an MPV car model to be reckoned with, even rivalling its Toyota Alphard twin model. This vehicle offers a luxury appearance and interior design, as well as several features and a powerful engine. It’s no surprise that this MPV is in high demand in the country.


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