10 Tips To Move Online

Moving is a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. The pandemic had one positive effect on us, that we increased our digital presence and functionality.

Now you can book your move online within a few minutes. There is no need to look for packers and movers or call numerous companies.

Steps to Book a Move

On Step By Step Moving, you can easily find movers in Boston.

The website lets you decide the date, time, the number of people required, and other needed information.

The following are the steps:

#1: Get a quote

The first step is to get an estimate. Our website requires you to fill in the zip codes from where you are moving and the destination.

Also, we ask for the date you wish to shift. Further, you would fill in more details like the kind of entrance and the size of the move.

#2: Book the Move

Once you have received the quote, and agree with the terms, you can book the move. You can book it with just your credit card details.

Our company also accepts debit cards. The information you give during the first step is critical to confirm the move.

Also, we have different services like storage, packing day, and loading help.

#3: Get ready

Once you have provided all the correct information and confirmed the booking, it is time to get packing.

You can get help from us to pack all your belongings or do it yourself. You must put all glass and fragile items in bubble wraps.

Furthermore, you might also want to write “Fragile” on the cartons with delicate items.

#4: Get Moved

The final step is for you to get moved. You put the date and time while getting the quote.

On that day, we will come and nice all your stuff. It is not complicated. This means that you can be somewhere else and book the move.

The Pricing

The pricing principally depends on the number of men you need and the size of the move.

For example, two men for a one-bedroom studio would cost you $99 per hour. However, you would have to pay $199 per hour for five men.

Also, the pricing would change when you are moving long distances. For example, moving from Boston to New York would cost you $1100 per hour.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Booking

Trusting the right moving agency is the most critical thing while booking online. How can you build trust?

Previous testimonials

Look at the testimonials of previous clients. They are usually on the website, or you can search on other 3rd party pages.

They give you a clear idea about the moving agency. One can also get information from the neighbors who used a moving company and ask for their review.

Ratings and Reviews

You can also get ratings and reviews of the moving company from search engines like Google.

It gives you a superficial estimation of how trustworthy the company is. Some of these ratings might be fake.

Therefore, it is better to read about their experience and what they have gone through while moving.

License and Insured

The company you decide to go with must be licensed, insured, and bonded. All such information is usually present in their Terms and Conditions.

If you don’t find it, you can ask the company whether they are licensed and insured or not. You have the right to know your stuff is in safe hands.

Quick Response

The customer support of a trustworthy company must respond quickly. It is cardinal to know that they hear and understand your urgency.

You can test this by asking them a few questions through their chatbot or on their “chat us” page. You can also contact them through email if they don’t have a different option.

Clear Communication

Whenever you ask the moving agency something, it is of paramount importance that they understand you correctly.

Sometimes the chatbots cannot solve everything.

Choose a moving company that can get a person to chat with when you need it and make sure they understand and give you proper solutions.


You can now book a move online with zero issues. We at Step-by-Step will help you at every step.

Get your move done by professionals who understand the technicalities of things you have packed.

For example, we can help you safely move your electronics.

There are several options and variations to our services that can help you decrease the price or get better help. Whatever you need, we are by your side.

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